A Very Humboldt Week

Humboldt County is naturally beautiful — and the USDA agrees. A recent study listed Humboldt as the second most naturally-beautiful county in the nation. Judging from the redwoods, rivers and mountains, that is unsurprising for the locals. No one will deny that Humboldt is unique. It’s entirely possible to surf at sunrise, summit a mountain for lunch and kayak until sunset. Celebrity talent graces our shores, intellectual superstars speak at our university and best of all – we grow the best cannabis in the world. Humboldt Green Week is the culmination of all of these components along with music, art and garden culture.

Steve Gieder organizes Humboldt Green Week. He is involved with several businesses on the North Coast and is an active member of Humboldt’s local community.

Steve recalls his simple beginnings more than 14 years ago, “It started with having 4/20 BBQs at the store, and it just grew from there.” Since that BBQ, Steve’s had the help of good people and local businesses along the way. After starting Northcoast Horticulture Supply (NHS), Steve’s business grew into a sprawling network which now employs more than 90 people. Steve recognizes the importance of community and in bringing folks together.

One goal of Green Week is to educate people on how to sustain the beauty of Humboldt County (and beyond). The organization has a community calendar filled with events for the public to enjoy. This celebration is a seven-day escapade through different venues in the Northern Humboldt area. Keller Williams is slated to perform on April 21st at Arcata Theatre Lounge. Humboldt Green Week invites all to learn about sustainable garden practices by hosting events such as “Meet A Local Farmer,” on April 23rd at the Morris Graves Museum in Eureka, California. Kids are also welcome to enjoy the festivities of Green Week. Bring the little ones by to enjoy a pony ride, or dirty their hands while learning about soil.


For the anticipated holiday at the center of the week, 4/20, Green Week has something special and nostalgic planned. In addition to the annual Northcoast Horticulture Supply BBQ at noon, The Jambalaya in Arcata is having a “Roaring 4/20s Party” at 10p.m. Patrons will be wearing their best 20s themed outfits and dancing to the music of The Widdler. Tickets are $10, and are only available for pre-purchase through the Humboldt Green Week website.

GRNWKCannifest is “Humboldt’s manifest cannabis festival and trade gathering” held on April 16th and 17th at Redwood Acres in Eureka, California. Attendees can expect to see some Grade-A cannabis, meet people within the industry, and learn about local compliance and regulation ordinances. in 2015, more than 2,300 people attended Cannifest. The organization hopes to see more than 4,000 people in attendance this year. While at Cannifest, people can learn about sustainable practices for their homes, with one example being the benefits of rain catchment systems. There will also be the Humboldt Grow Games where a team of four individuals manipulate a pallet of soil through an obstacle course. This year’s fest has a cannabis job fair planned, along with a glass and live art competition and more than 20 musical acts. In addition to the long list of festivities at Cannifest, there’s also the first Community Choice Awards, when locals decide the best cannabis. The first [willing] 200 people will act as judges who will decide upon the cannabis. As Steve put it, “weed the people.”

Green Week is chock-full with tons of places to go and crowds of people to meet. Humboldt Green Week is sure to have something in store for everyone with the dozens of events and activities planned. Cannifest has added another day to the celebration and will be a true showcase of Humboldt’s pride. Humboldt Green Week aims to leave its venues in better shape than when it began. Redwood Acres can expect some good will and improvement from this festival. If you’re interested in getting involved with Humboldt Green Week, or any of the services offered at the festival, visit their website at HumboldtGreenWeek.com to learn more. We’re all in this together Steve explained, “you can’t have community without unity.”



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