Danielle Guercio

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Vape Flavor Safety: What You Need To Know

Vaping’s reputation as being the less damaging choice—and cannabis’ rep of being safer overall than most substances, has come to [...]

Opinion: Some Leftist Media Doesn’t Cover Cannabis Justly

As another year of federal prohibition passes us by, while over one-third of states still restrict cannabis, it’s quite suspect [...]

Op-Ed: Perhaps Prohibition Problems are Repeating Themselves

You might see a meme floating around from time-to-time about 10,000 Americans dying during alcohol prohibition “killed by the government” [...]


Infusing cannabis into alcohol is nothing new, but nowadays it’s still on the coattails of illegality. Hemp-infused vodka gives consumers [...]

Libra Season Looks: Our Hella Creative Sun Sign Favs

We often find ourselves scrolling through Instagram with a little buzz and falling in love with the work of the [...]

I Dabbed Before Going to the Gym and This is What Happened

Dabs are great, don’t get me wrong. But there’s lots of reasons to keep it to a minimum, like the [...]

Winona LaDuke at Cannabis as a Catalyst for Change: Let’s Be the Kind of Ancestors that Our Descendants will be Proud Of

Recently, while speaking at September’s Cannabis as a Catalyst for Change conference, hemp farmer and activist Winona LaDuke put a [...]

Prohibition is (Almost) Over: Lowell Cafe Opens This Week in West Hollywood

All hail lady leaf! We’re finally seeing the sun break over the mountain. Though she rises in the east, the [...]

Op-Ed: One Third of Young New Yorkers Love Cannabis; White People Smoke More Weed Than People of Color, Now What?

With one of the largest grey markets, New York City is one of the most sativa soaked places on Earth, [...]