Effective Procedures for Creative, Expedient Healing: Back to Basics

Effective Procedures for Creative, Expedient Healing: Back to Basics

Scott Lloyd Sherman, MA, LMFT

Introduction: The science and art of counseling and psychotherapy has come a long way. It, indeed, has returned to its roots in its opening up to the spirituality of meditation, mysticism and shamanism. What follows are seven basic attributes, synthesized and codified for ease of usage.

“Blow out the old”. . . Breathe

Exhale Breath . . .
Loosen up . . . shake off tensions
Now “take” an easy deep breath
Circular breath . . . easy now . . . many go into hyperventilation at this point. They are controlling their breathing too much. Get your breath down into your belly.

“Become aware of self as a part of the whole”

Know your energy centers and breathe through them Connecting Spirit (heaven) and Soul (earth): Tune up each Energy Center such that you can be ready for deeper work to happen. Let the light of Spirit infuse each center with light and love – -pure energy. Let the love, nurturing, nature energy of the earth work it’s magic by bringing healing and beauty to each center as if it were a flower. Guided visualization building to expanding flowing Chi energy in center of being

“Touch in with senses”

Pay attention to “now” . . . what is going on in your life In this space and time

At home

At work
What are you experiencing in your body as you shift your

attention from one arena to another? Where is body calling you . . . do body scan.




What are some of the qualities of what you are experiencing, What wounds do you go to? What sources of strength?

Become aware of the feeling sensations connected to thoughts

“Communicate with Self”

Go to your body sensations and wonder, “What emotions are moving me?” “What are these emotions about?” “Who else is involved?” “What Soul Loss experiences are related?” “Whose stuff is whose?”

Give appreciation for sensations and feelings and wonder at how they shift. Apologize for not spending more time with sensations. In addition, again, notice how these shift.

Wonder if feelings and sensations would be willing to work with you to help you access all of your resources in helping you find creative and productive alternatives to situation, beliefs, actions, etc. creating

feelings and sensations. Notice how your feelings shift

as you communicate with your self.
Play with your sensations by imagining them to have

different qualities than they do. Build polar opposites.

“Truth Speak . . . Communicate with Others”

Name what you are:

Perceiving . . . what you see, hear, feel, smell, etc.

Experiencing . . . how do those perceptions effect your bodily sensations?

Feeling . . . what emotions come to you as you experience different bodily sensations? Know that many emotions are learned behaviors.

Thinking . . . what thoughts come to mind? What memories, reflections, realizations are you pondering


with respect to your perceptions, sensations and feelings?

Needing . . . With respect to the above what wants or needs can be expressed that will help others to better understand you and you to be better listened to and respected?

Communicate these five qualities to self and to others using descriptive and I messages.

As anxiety, fear or anger surface return to “exhale breath” and self-awareness . . . always return to circular breath. And, always in gratitude.

Intent Formation

Put life and situation into clear intent.
Work from “needs worked on as above.
Be in gratitude as if already have what need and think in terms of future potential.
Express intents as if praying.
Use future probability and here-and-now terms.

“Find and Stay in Gratitude”

Believe in the rightness of your being Give thanks for all that is

Practice meditation and surrender Intent, along with stress, anxiety and disbelief, as if it were a precious gift you are giving to the Universe

and . . . then

Let it go!

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