Gourdough’s Public House

Gourdough’s Public House in Austin, Texas, a restaurant icon for the Lone Star State, makes people the desserts of their dreams. With more than a baker’s dozen doughnut selections, Gourdough’s will have you rolling out of the parking lot more blissed out than you were rolling the joint coming in.11412269_10152972138493435_8112508399668065893_o

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.35.59 AMWhile cannabis is not directly infused into the doughnuts (yet), the folks at Gourdough’s make sure to bake the dank in every bite. Gourdough’s three locations in downtown Austin (including a food truck) combine iconic southern comfort cooking with their infamous doughnut delights, from savory to sweet.

The  “Dirty South” is made of hand-battered chicken-fried steak, potato pancake, creamy white gravy sauce and cranberry habanero jam. The “Drunken Hunk” is a combination of bacon-wrapped meatloaf, potato pancake, fried egg, house-made candied jalapenos with a side of tangy, hard-cider sauce or bourbon BBQ sauce. The “Ron Burgundy” sets the new standard of classy burgers with its Angus beef, bacon, fried egg, two slices of American cheese, cilantro, guacamole, sliced tomato and mayonnaise.

Gourdough’s sweet side is where their notoriety comes from. The “Southern Belle” is a doughnut infused with house-made pecan pie filling, cream cheese icing, and pecans on top. The “Black Betty” is one of the more popular items with its house-made blackberry filling, cream cheese icing, cake mix, cinnamon sugar, and locally harvested honey butter. The “Ring O’Fire” has chipotle-infused brownie batter, chocolate icing, brownie bites, salted butter caramel sauce, and cayenne candied pecans.

Every entree is served with a side of diabetes (just kidding!). All meals at the pub house are delicately thought-out and prepared to perfection. Their friendly staff are happy to offer suggestions to satisfy your palate. Should you find yourself in Austin, the Heart of Texas, drop into any one of Gourdough’s three locations. Find your own dank doughnut inspirations by viewing their menu online at Gourdoughs.com.

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