Cannabis Tech and the Culinary Artistry of  Jeff the 420 Chef

Photo by Leela Cyd

Photo by Leela Cyd

The days of locking yourself in your room for two days after trying a special cookie may just be at an end. JeffThe420Chef has been crushing the culinary cannabis world for years and now he is bringing you the holy grail of cooking calculations: how much herb to add to your cannabis confections, or anything else you feel like eating with a side of sinsemilla.
Jeff has been cooking since he was young and discreetly started cooking with cannabis five years ago in California. A cannabis patient and friend with a serious illness asked him to come over and cook her a meal because she couldn’t smoke the meds she was getting. She loved the infused meals and started sharing his creations with friends. Word spread and Jeff turned into JeffThe420Chef with a high demand to create medibles for people in the 23 states (and D.C.) where cannabis is legal. From wedding cakes to full course meals he has cornered the market as the only private chef developing and catering custom, mouth-watering cannabis experiences.
Challenged to find a process to get the cannabis taste out of medicated food, he worked on it for more than a year. Now he travels around the world, teaching people how to make “Light Tasting” cannabutter and canna-oil. That’s right, all the silly goodness, and all the medical benefits with no stomach cringing taste. Mmmm.
11159990_885277394864141_834117815406144023_nThis year Jeff plans on publishing the first ever CBD/THC calculator as an app so that people can enter in the amount of lab-tested material they are using and come up with an approximate ratio for how much ganja to use. The last time this writer ate a brownie was on a deadline in the newsroom. I spent the dwindling time I had spinning my mouse around my screen faster and faster, for half an hour. Whoever gave me that brownie was definitely in need of The420Chef’s calculator.
12507449_1002860719772474_4905556082596072479_nThe basic ratio is 7 grams of raw material in a stick of butter. However, you need to lab test to find the total amount of cannabinoids in your material, then leave the rest of the work to the app. Jeff spent the last year and a half testing raw material before the decarboxylation process so that he would know what the end result would produce. Decarboxylation is when THCa loses a carbon molecule and turns into THC delta9. This guy is single-handedly changing the edible game and propelling consistency in edible products to a whole new level. Consistency is one of the biggest factors in getting your product to market.
Download that shizzle, broham… It’s free in March for a limited time or you can go online at to use it there.
But hey, why stop at changing the edible game forever? You might as well get mainstream publisher Harper Collins to publish a cannabis cookbook with more than 100 different scrumptious recipes while you’re at it. That’s just what Jeff did. In June his book The Ganja Gourmet: The Joy of Cooking with Cannabis will hit book retailers and online outlets all over the globe. If you’re looking to simultaneously create and remediate the munchies, this is the book for you. Definitely check out Jeff’s favorites, the onion roll and the apple rose pastry with a hint of rose oil. When asked if he leans more towards the sweet or the savory side, the man Newsweek dubbed Ganja Gourmet says he loves everything from the cookie or brownie for a bedtime snack to a full course meal. It’s all good with him.



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