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Frenchie & Swarley Review Lost Coast Brewery’s Tasters!

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There are many crown jewels of Eureka. The waterfront, Humboldt Bay herself, Old Town, the Carson Mansion, the Sequoia Zoo, and of course, the Bayshore Mall. The beauty of community is the way one location can wrap itself around all the senses. Eureka does that in many ways. The place on a supreme recommendation for taste, however, and a place for enjoyment, good food, and a night out on the town, would be Lost Cost Brewery.

To test the modern-day surrealism of taste among Eureka natives, avid beer critics Frenchie and Swarley went to Lost Coast recently to review a few seasonal beverages from Lost Coast’s Taster assortment. On the menu of Lost Coast, Tasters are offered as a small sampling of the wide variety of monumental happenings that LCB offers to the pleased consumer. A tiny glass is presented to the consumer, a glass that rivals that of the standard shot glass, and the brew can be sampled in a fashion as tiny as the glass; small, but sweet. Whomever constructed this idea was a fan of the old term of endearment we still use today, “Big things come in small packages.”

So Swarley and Frenchie sat down and reviewed 4 of the seasonal drinks available on the Taster menu. The 4 selections: Hop Cat, Java, Imperial 8 Ball Stout, and Winterbraun. Going by a scale of 1-5 (5 being “that’s awesome” and 1 being “that is the exact opposite of anything awesome”), Frenchie and Swarley drank, sampled, and critiqued. Here are their reviews and findings:


Hop Cat is a strong spin-off of the more popular Alley-Cat that LCB fanatics have come to enjoy over the years. It is an Amber, so to the eyes, it is nothing more than a glass with orange in it. But don’t underestimate Hop Cat, because like the Trojan horse, it has something inside: amazing taste. Our two critics have no realized this yet, and meet eyes in that traditional way and do cheers (Random Fact: In Germany, it is high superstition that if you don’t meet someone’s eyes when you do cheers with them, there will be a problem with your offspring when they are born. Many believe this came from old Yiddish traditions).

In unison, they each take a drink, and process, then give us this:

“Really good for an Amber. It dances on my tongues.” -Frenchie.

“It tingles when it goes down.” -Swarley

End votes:

Frenchie: 4

Swarley: 4


Java could not only be a mystery to the eyes upon view (it appears as a very dark ale, porter, or even lager, you can decide as a taste-tester if you ever indulge), but as Frenchie and Swarley are about to find out, one as far as taste is considered as well. Java has a unique ingredient, and its name is testament to that. You guessed it! Coffee beans! Upon an examination, it’s cheers again:

“It tastes like straight Kuhlua!” Frenchie says with a hint of enthusiasm on her face.

“It almost tastes like cold coffee with ice in it. But then I taste the hops, and am reminded that it is beer.” Says Swarley.

End votes:

Frenchie: 2

Swarley: 3


Winterbraun is a seasonal with a divine chocolate taste and a hint of caramel malts. Like Winter, it looks to the eye like a strong definition of yuletide beginnings: pleasent, joyous, and wonderous. Once again, it’s cheers for Frenchie and Swarley:

“Good dark ale! Not for the faint-hearted. It’s really robust, like blows up in your throat! Not for the Tangerine drinkers!” Frenchie says, referring to the Tangerine brew that is also on LCB’s menu.

“I could totally drink this over again!” Says Swarley before he takes another sip.

End votes:

Frenchie: 3

Swarley: 4.010117


Oak Barrels. That is the key of amazing when it comes to Imperial 8 Ball Stout. What once starts out as a simple concoction of brew flows into oak barrels. When it resurfaces, like a Phoenix from the flame, Imperial 8 Ball Stout shines from the pint glass to the unknowing world. This unknowing factor is about to occur to Frenchie and Swarley. Cheers, kids:

“Whoaaa! High-high alcohol content kick! I feel like I just chased my beer with Ketel One!” Says Frenchie.

“It’s like a wave: it goes down and climbs back up with flavor.” Swarley begins, pausing as his eyes begin to water, “Though its strong even to the avid beer drinker, be safe knowing that it is not Kilt Lifter.”

End votes:

Frenchie: 5

Swarley: 5

So the night concludes for Frenchie and Swarley, and they depart knowing that they have reviewed a fine selection of fine drinks from a great establishment known as Lost Coast Brewery. And Lost Coast Brewery overshot its expectations. For the search for taste in Eureka was found.

Always tip your bartender!

For More Information Visit Lost Coast Brewery.


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