Navigating a Post-Regulatory Cannabis World

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Daniel Wacks is the founder and CEO of State Flower, a fully licensed San Francisco-based cannabis cultivation and distribution company. Having been a cannabis cultivator since 2003, Mr. Wacks’ expertise as both an entrepreneur and grower has made him a sought out thought leader in the cannabis industry.

With California’s new cannabis compliance laws having been enacted on July 1, 2018, businesses are experiencing a chain reaction of challenges involving lab testing, packaging, sustainability, licensing and other big-ticket issues. Surviving in a post-regulatory world has put some of the most well-known cannabis brands to the test and experts like Mr. Wacks are needed now more than ever. Mr. Wacks has extensive experience designing, building, and operating state-of-the-art cultivation facilities and navigating the complex regulatory and compliance issues in the cannabis industry.

From forecasting to farming, Mr. Wacks is able to speak on a variety of timely issue surrounding the cannabis industry. Topics Mr. Wacks is able to speak on include:

  • Pretty, pretty packaging: Packaging and all its compliance needs; Packaging considerations
  • Times-a-changing: Changes he’s seeing in his own business. How it had been affected by the various changes in marijuana laws.
  • Necessary Negotiations: How can small grows to negotiate high regulatory costs, stringent environment costs other industries don’t have to pay, and all the business uncertainty that exists.
  • Farming It Out: What goes into sustainable cannabis farming? What exactly is sustainable certification? Are there standards?
  • Scientific Method: Lab testing and accuracy. What should brands do if their products fail state-mandated lab testing.
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