Pot Talk with Pete: Fortune City Farms

With a focus on permaculture, Autumn and Constantine of Fortune City Farms have created a small habitat of self sustainability.


Walking onto the property it’s evident that there is much more than just cannabis being cultivated. “It’s what I’ve put my work into the past six or seven years,” Constantine explained to me. “Everything [has] come to [this].”


Along the landscape there is a rabbit enclosure next to a productive sized chicken coop. As we enter, Constantine explains how they breed roughly 50 to 100 chickens and rabbits at any given time for meat and eggs.


Moving along the property, you’ll encounter one of the indoor cultivation rooms, which displayed a new round of plants. Constantine explained that all his indoor cannabis is currently Gorilla Glue #4, since he’s had good success with it in the past.


Fortune City Farms is particularly proud of their aquaculture and water reservoir setup. Having gone to school for aquaculture and aquarium sciences, Constantine has built the majority of the systems using recycled materials. There are a number of tanks where he is also raising aquarium fish and shrimp. Interestingly enough, there’s even a shrimp variety called Blue Dream. Using a recirculating water system, Constantine uses water from the tanks for watering the plants.


As we make our way to the outdoor section of the garden, Constantine points to a tarped mound of soil. After every indoor round is taken down, the soil is put in a pile outside and amended with chicken, rabbit and goat droppings, along with wood ash, feathers, mushroom compost and native soil from the farm. “I didn’t have to buy any soil this year,” he proudly states. He also mentions that some soil in his blend is four or five years old, noting that nothing goes to waste here.


Fortune City Farms has sought out strains that do well within their climate. “They’re [going to] get wet here,” he says. Growing this summer is Gorilla Glue #4; Bubba’s Girl by CSI: Humboldt, which they have had good success with; and a new strain for them — Blue Cheese from the Humboldt Patient Resource Center in Arcata, California.


The farm is beginning their own breeding project, Satori 47. Using the strain Satori, which is relatively mold resistance and high in THC, it was crossed with an older local cut of AK-47. “I like the smell a lot,” Constantine adds, “The leaves are strong and skunky.”


Fortune City Farms was kind enough to provide me with a sample of their 2016 outdoor Satori 47, indoor-grown Bubba’s Girl, and his newest batch of indoor Gorilla Glue #4 (his current go-to strain). Constantine also shared with me some of his personal Girl Scout Cookie full melt bubble hash and some cannabis infused salve. He tried over 50 ratios for the salve before finding one that he says he can stand by.


Satori 47

The Satori 47 is dense in structure. It’s hues bring out a combination of moss and sage with some dark green accents. It’s covered in tiny white trichomes, and sparse sandalwood colored hairs, which make the green glimmer.


Pungent in aroma, it’s fruity and sweet with a large herbal influence. Orange and Herbes de Provence notes have a backbone of honey, yet it’s also sweet and smoky in flavor. The aftertaste, though, is complimented with a hint of mint.


With a quick, heavy onset, stress starts to melt off of me and I feel mellow and relaxed. My mood is enhanced and I find myself focused on getting some work done around the house.


Bubba’s Girl

The Bubba’s Girl is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies x Bubba Kush. It’s nice, dense structure is filled with a multitude of greens and specs of eggplant purple. Tiny rust colored hairs pop-up all over and are covered with tight, shiny, white trichomes.


The aroma has a distinct smell of wine or grapes that resonates. I also get some lemongrass, pine and a sour funk that adds a complexity to the scent.


I am hit with a harmonious mouthfeel of green grapes, blueberries, lime, sugar cookies, gardenia flowers and even some coffee undertones. As I’m taking my second inhale I already start to feel the effects and my eyelids start to droop; I am relaxed and content.


Gorilla Glue #4

The Gorilla Glue #4 is a cross between Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel. It’s a bright lime green with some olive hints. Singed caramel orange hairs pop out and the bud is covered in milky white trichomes.


It also has that typical Gorilla Glue stickiness.


Sour glue and a lemon funk dominate the nose and I can’t help but be drawn in for another big whiff. Giving it a smoke.. and bam! I am hit again with sour glue and sweet lemon. A heavy mouthfeel gives way to some sandalwood and oregano with a sour skunk finish.


A happy smirk creeps onto my face and my spirit feels uplifted and relaxed. I can’t say I am particularly motivated at the moment, though.


Thank you to Fortune City Farms for their time, generosity and good vibes

You can find Fortune City Farms online at FortuneCityFarms.com, on Instagram @fortunecityfarms and reach them by email at FortuneCityFarms@gmail.com

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