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Who We Are
The Emerald Magazine is a boutique cannabis culture review guide for business, culinary and lifestyle trends. Headquartered in the Emerald Triangle, the magazine features product reviews, travel destinations, fashion and culinary trends. 

What We Do

The Emerald highlights change in the industry by bridging the gap between the cannabis community and the media. The magazine intends to educate and enlighten the public on social, medical and on-going advancements, and works to establish a public tolerance and awareness as we move into the coming age of legalization.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 1.28.12 PM The Emerald prints on 38# / #5 gloss book stock with a monthly circulation of 20,000 magazines. See our Distribution list for specific locations. 
Who Our Readers Are
The Emerald aims to be the premier cannabis resource guide for the United States. We have a strong readership connection to both men and women between the ages of 25-55. Our readers are recreational users, medical patients, hard workers, organizers, and active community members.

Audience Profile – 51% male 49% female

    Age Group                           % of readers

  • Age 18–24                                        17%
  • Age 25–34                                        33%
  •  Age 35–54                                         36%
  •  Age 55–75                                         14%


Our Rates
The Emerald offers very affordable and competitive rates for one, three, six and 12-month contracts. The low-cost of our ad-space with the extremely high level of distribution of each edition has brought our existing advertisers a great return on their investment. E-mail for direct rates.

Feature Advertisement

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.25.59 AM

The Feature-Ad is a special promotion which offers advertisers a chance to blend hard and soft advertising into a two-page featured advertisement.

The feature ad is a feature story about the advertiser’s business (background, mission, vision, interesting facts, interviews with local owners, etc.)

• Businesses are allowed to submit their own self-featured story, but must be willing to accept edits in order to maintain the narrative element.

•The Feature Story portion of the ad may not directly pitch products or services as it should be a narrative speaking about the business as a whole.

•For an additional fee, advertisers may choose to have a professional writer from the Emerald interview their business owners/managers for 1 hour at their convenience.

Value: The paid feature story about the advertiser will highlight it as an exciting, culture-rich, and progressive local business. The feature story will offer readers interesting insights about the business and its owners, and will add to the overall image of the Emerald Magazine. The Feature Ad will appear to readers as a kind of “ press release” feature on the business as a whole, and will entice readers to want to know more about the business (and of course, to go and check it out for themselves!).

With the narrative story at hand, readers will be drawn to the text, and will be fully enveloped in the advertising business’s information and sales.

Why does the Emerald support the Feature Ad? Not only do Feature Ads enrich the magazine as a whole, but also Feature Ads offer a perfect cohesion between the narrative aspect of the magazine and the advertisements. With a business’s ad and its feature story on a 2 page spread, readers will connect the dots between the ads and the stories and will become engaged with and immersed with the content.

“We have already had a wine tasting for a couple who read the article about Sentinel Winery in the August issue.
They drove here from Fortuna and bought nearly $500 of wine from us!”
– Janet Nelson, owner of Sentinel Winery, Willow Creek, CA    
“My friend is visiting from Amsterdam next week and I’m definitely adding the Riverbend tasting room to our beer, wine, and bike tour.”
– James Morrison, local reader, Eureka, CA


Community Partnership

Forming a community partnership with the Emerald is a great way to expand your brand. As a community partner, where we go, you go.

  • Your company’s information and promotional material will be displayed at every summit, conference or event the Emerald has a booth at.
  • You will receive two full page advertisements (or one double-page advertisement) in each issue of the magazine.
  • Your company logo will be published on flyers and promotional material.
  • Your company logo will be displayed on the Emerald’s website and sponsorship page.
  • Your company logo will be included on all e-mail blasts.
  • Recognition as a Community Partner at all Emerald events which include the Emerald’s annual pot-pairing and EmeraldLIVE, which is a monthly cannabis mixer where your company will have promotional material displayed.
  • Automatic membership to the Humboldt County Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.  Membership includes access to the Cannabis Business Directory.
  • The Emerald Magazine will serve as a resource for your company in the cannabis industry.


enf_aprilWhat Will My Ad Look Like?

When you look good, you feel good. It’s important to us that you are happy with our services.

Since we print in full color, all advertisers receive full color ads at no additional charge.

Don’t have an ad made already? No worries, we’ve got you covered by our top graphic designers at a rate of $30/hr.
Ad design typically takes 1 hour +/- depending on size.

Phone Number: (707) 840-5508 –
Office: 417 Second Street, Suite 201, Eureka, CA 95501
Mailing Address: PO BOX 65 Arcata, CA 95518
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