Qualities of Enjoying the Eureka Nightlife

Qualities of Enjoying Eureka Nightlife

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The Nightlife of Eureka, California, can easily be taken advantage of. While Eureka is not as large or selective in establishments as some bigger cities are as far as Nightlife goes, there are a few ways of making it a lot better and enjoyable. Here are 10 ways of helping:


Pre-gaming is the codename for having a few drinks before venturing off to bars or clubs. This is a fantastic way to get in social time in among friends, as well as to save a lot of money. A simple 18 pack will usually do, unless waiting for more people to arrive, then a larger amount of alcohol should be suggested, but drank slowly. Depending on the amount of people there, pre-gaming can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. This time can be spent creating great anticipation for the next endeavor towards the bars or clubs, and in many ways helps set a positive mood for the night.

2) Go Out To The Bars Or Clubs In A Group:

Going to bars or clubs alone in Eureka is not a good idea. The environment of being alone in such an establishment usually brings about an awkward feeling to most individuals, and does not guarantee a good time for anyone. Additionally, there is no telling what events could occur on a night out on the town. Having a few friends with you helps to give you company, have a good time, and has someone to watch your back.

3) Look for Deals At Bars Or Clubs:

Most bars and clubs in Eureka will have a theme or drink specials depending on the night. If the consumer is on a tight budget, he or she should look at these specials and aim for one that will meet their needs. Running out of money the consumer may need later is never good.

4) If You Want Memories Of The Night, Bring A Camera:

Cameras are a great way of documenting memories for future review. In addition, they make great keepsakes to the night out on the town. A digital camera is the prime choice for such events, but disposables are a great substitute also if budget is a worry. Before long, a photo album of the past will have a collection of great times with friends in it. But use the camera wisely, some patrons will be upset by the flash.

5) Courtesy:

Always have a well-established form of courtesy towards yourself and others when going out. The need for drama is not welcome well when a group of people are trying to enjoy each others company.

6) Dancing:

Whether your heading to a few of the places in Eureka that have dancing, like Nocturnum, Steve And Dave’s during Arts’ Alive or special events, or the Pearl Lounge, dance with those you are associating with. Trying to randomly move in on someone while their dancing does not work for everyone. If you really are out on the dance floor, it should be expected to have a good time. Dancing with friends does bring about a good time, so go for that approach. If you feel the need to dance with someone else, all the power to you.

7) Bad Mood Equals Bad Drinking:

If the consumer goes to bars or clubs in a bad mood, bad drinking will follow. Bad drinking can result to getting expelled from the bar or club in question, or worse. The consumer obviously will not be a fan of this. Nor will the group the drinker is with. If it can be helped, try not to develop a mood. Go out for a good time. If the mood cannot be avoided for other reasons, stop drinking, or just don’t go out drinking that night.

8) Don’t Be Afraid To Buy Someone Else A Drink:

This fits right in with the courtesy rule, as well as group fun. Buying someone else a drink or buying the group you are with a round of shots is never a bad thing (unless someone has had too much). This is usually always a good thing to do for friends in a bar.

9) Always Tip The Bartender:

The Golden Rule of drinking in a bar or club in Eureka is to always tip the bartender. Not just once, but every time. Some consumers may complain about how the bartender is moving slow or how the drink was mixed wrong. But what consumers must realize that is unless they have been a bartender themselves, they have no idea of everything that is going on. Being a bartender is a face-paced occupation and the breaks are short. Most of the time, they are active, filling drink orders, mixing drinks, cleaning up messes, and fixing random catastrophes in the bar or club. To top it all off, the bartender is a server to the consumer during a time when the consumer is enjoying life, while the bartender is working the whole time. Usually $2 or $3 is a nice tip. If it’s a big drink order (4 or more drinks) throw in at least $5 or more. It does not matter if the bartender is bad or not, they are there for the consumer. Always tip your bartender.

10) Make Sure Everyone Has A Way Home:

A designated driver is a necessary choice when leaving Eureka Nightlife. When going out, during the pre-gaming stage, elect or volunteer someone for this job. It’s required, and its the law. There’s no excuse for the lack of a designated driver. If there is a lack, however, call a friend, or call a cab. Cab fair can easily be shared among the bar patrons, and a call for a ride home is never a shameful thing. As long as everyone gets home safe, then there has been a successful night of drinking in Eureka, California.


Hopefully these 10 tips can help for a successful evening out on the town in the Eureka Nightlife Scene. Try them, they don’t hurt, and they help to have a good time in the bars and clubs.

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