Stoney Sauce

When Chef Nugs started Stoney Sauce five months ago he never imagined his flavors would hit the roof. “I was a fine dining chef in Hollywood for seven years,” Nugs said. “I was in the military for a while before that and with that comes body pain. I started cooking with cannabis for my own pain relief and was taking the condiments with me wherever I’d go.” That’s when Stoney Sauce was born. “My friend Rob is my partner. He knew how to get the bottles and labels going.”
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.46.28 AMWith the stir of his spoon, Nugs began creating a line of cannabis-infused condiments. “As of right now we have 13 different flavors,” Nugs explained as he listed off ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, olive oil, truffle oil, sriracha sauce and much more. All THC condiments are made from organic extract concentrates. “There’s no butane hash oil or anything like that in the sauces.” Nugs gets everything tested through SC Labs and distributes his sauce in several Southern California dispensaries. “We’re also on the hill,” Nugs chuckled, “you can go to a few farms up North and you’ll find us in people’s pantries.”  When asked if there was an expiration date on his products Nugs responded by listing the organic preservatives in his sauces, such as oil or chilli powder which “last a long time naturally.”

When asked what the future holds for Stoney Sauce, Nugs said he’s working on Sensei Sauce, a new line of CBD condiments that he plans to distribute nationally. Currently the average retail price for Stoney Sauce is $20 for small bottles, $30 for medium size squeeze bottles, and $40-$50 for large glass jars. Follow the Chef yourself on Instagram at Chef_Nugs and get inspired by his recipes!

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