The High Life: From the Streets of Seattle

  This is a fun opportunity to announce to all my Humboldt friends that I have officially relocated to the [...]

Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis Sativa Vodka

   You may have seen it on international news sources like BuzzFeed, Complex or Mashable, but this Humboldt County original [...]

The Casual Cup

Trim Scene Solutions hosted Southern Humboldt’s First Annual Casual Concentrate Cup. With the publics vote, entries in the BHO, CO2 [...]

Arcana Delights

  As we move towards a more accepting culture with cannabis, misconceptions of what it means to be a “stoner” [...]

The Medicine Man

   When my wife and I decided to take our honeymoon in 2014, we took a nontraditional trip. Being huge [...]

HBK Topicals

Providing a line of CBD-Rich Skin Care Products, Genetics and Extractions    HBK Topicals is a one-stop shop for those [...]

The Cali Connection

True Breeds, World Class Seeds   The innovative world of cannabis cultivation is changing the landscape of the industry with [...]

True Humboldt

It began with a vision that laws were going to change. With seven founding farmers, True Humboldt was born with [...]

About Freedom: Musings from an Interview with Ed Rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal is all about freedom; the freedom of speech, of the marketplace, of personal choice. Think about how he [...]