Portland Extracts

    The Hipster of Concentrates  When Oregon became the fourth state to legalize recreational cannabis it opened the door [...]

The Stonely Planet

The Emerald’s Humor Guide to Trimmigrant Culture Trimmigrants are an interesting and diverse crew who flock here to take part in [...]

Educated Stoner: Evangelizing Cannabis

Educated Stoner By Sharon Letts   Praise the Lord and Pass the Pipe! The past four years, I’ve covered four [...]


Photography by Sharon Letts It was as if the local cafe has been lifted out of Garberville and transported to [...]


It’s a simple question. What’s your cannabis business plan? If you don’t have one, that should be your first clue [...]

The Finish Line

The Finish Line Harvest, first and foremost, is an incredible undertaking. It involves organizing trimmers, keeping detailed records (in some form) [...]

Growers Gift Guide

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Getting the Royal Treatment

Photography by Christine Ciarcia   Royal Budline is a classy, Northern Humboldt outfit. For the past two years, owners Vanessa and [...]

Humboldt Harvest Glass Gathering

I caught up with Ginni DeLong for a brief chat on the second day of the Humboldt Harvest Glass Gathering. [...]