Philosophy of Passion

Talking Trees Farms As many of you know, here at the Emerald Magazine we often provide our readers with profiles [...]

Giggle Butter

Roller derby gets rough. That’s part of its charm, right? But when Ilana “Sugar” Laytart tore her MCL, a ligament [...]

Educated Stoner: Evangelizing Cannabis

Educated Stoner By Sharon Letts   Praise the Lord and Pass the Pipe! The past four years, I’ve covered four [...]

Book Review: Smoke Signals

Emerald Book Review: Smoke Signals By Molly Cate, Cannabis Columnist Welcome to our new cannabis book column! With so many states [...]

Our Lady Laurel Skyee

  Our Lady, Laurel Skyee

Bud & Breakfast

WEEKEND RETREAT Bud & Breakfast It’s here. Humboldt County’s first Bud & Breakfast. HIGHWAY 36 When a traditional bed & breakfast [...]

Emerald Style: Hitchhiker’s Guide to Glamour

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Glamour Rima Greer Fashion Columnist    They say the devil is in the details, especially when it [...]

Because Coffee

Because Coffee Article by Josh Schiebelhut | Images by Victoria Voss   Take a step inside the corner shop across the [...]

Emerald Style

Rima Greer Fashion Columnist  I was flipping through Vogue magazine this month, and was really taken by the lack of [...]