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Here’s Your Summer Guide to New York’s Best Smoking Spots

If you live in New York City, chances are you were desperately waiting for summer to arrive. Yes it’s hot, [...]

Australia Launches Medical Cannabis Trial Program for Veterans Suffering from PTSD

Australia has officially launched a new trial making use of cannabis to treat servicemen and women suffering from Post Traumatic [...]

We Attended the CBD Wellness and Lifestyle Pop-Up

Bravely fighting off a mix of incessant rain and suffocating humidity, we attended the CBD Wellness and Lifestyle Pop-Up, a [...]

New Amendment Would Stop Feds from Interfering with State Cannabis Laws

The House of Representatives has passed an amendment preventing the Department of Justice from interfering with state marijuana laws, specifically [...]

If You Are in the Big Apple, You Have to Try These CBD Stores

New York City has many attractions, and thankfully for most of us, now CBD stores are amongst them. Despite remaining [...]

NY Cannabis Legalization Is off the Table, for Now

New York cannabis legalization battle has come to an unfortunate end after lawmakers could not reach an agreement on key [...]

Canada’s New Regulations on Edibles Might Leave You Half Baked

The regulations announced this past Friday will impose a 10-mg THC limit on all cannabis edibles, with a maximum of [...]

Is Legalization of Weed in North America a “Threat” to China?

It’s no secret that North America and China often bump heads on any given topic, but this time cannabis is [...]

Federal Court Reconsiders Cannabis’ Classification as a Schedule 1 Drug

As of May 30, news opinions are pressuring the DEA into conducting an administrative review as plaintiffs continue to insist [...]