The Dookie Brothers

2016 Emerald Cup and Golden Tarp Award Winners

The Dookie Bros had two huge victories in 2016: They took both first place at the annual Golden Tarp Award light deprivation competition and first at The Emerald Cup organic outdoor cannabis competition with their light dep Zkittlez flowers.


According to Jason “Dookie” from the Dookie Bros, the group consists of five collaborators — all friends, all organic growers and all people that believe in creating clean medicine and not destroying the planet while they’re doing it. They aren’t brothers, per se, they are a band of like-minded cannabis farmers that flat out won both of the competitions they entered this year, both of the only competitions they’ve ever entered.


The Dookie Bros are based in Humboldt County and are affiliated with the up-and-coming Humboldt Brand Cannabis Company, “Purveyors of the Emerald Triangle’s Finest Cannabis Products,” according to the organization’s website. The Dookie Bros are also in the consultation biz, specializing in maximizing yields, award winning strains, licensing and innovative chemical-free problem solving, like using heat to eradicate pests and mold.


“The Dookie Brothers agree on one thing,” Jason says. “It doesn’t really matter about the money. We all really have love for this plant and love for the medicine and love for what it’s giving us… We really truly love this plant and love giving clean medicine to people.”


So the Golden Tarp Awards was the first competition the Dookie Bros have ever entered. When I asked Jason why they decided to come out of the shadows this past September, he credited Kevin Jodrey from Wonderland Nursery as being a big inspiration. “He’s a really good guy… Just because he was doing the competition, I wanted to be a part of it.”


Jason is into Jodrey’s “Clean Rush” philosophy, wherein growers have to walk-the-talk, as it were. You see, all of the Golden Tarp entries are lab tested, and anything contaminated (with mold, pesticides, etc…) is disqualified.


Well, the Dookie Bro’s Zkittlez passed the Golden Tarp test and took first place, then took first at the Emerald Cup with the same flowers, “four month old dep weed,” as Jason put it. And that’s even with the Zkittles plants being “very finicky.” The Dookie Bros “got lucky.”


Zkittlez is known in the Emerald Triangle as a hard-to-get strain, purportedly developed by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz out of Mendocino County, California. Clones are coveted and are not freely distributed — at least that’s what I’ve heard. But the clones are out there. If anyone is trying to keep the strain exclusive, it’s too late: The Dookie Bros just won big with Zkittlez flowers grown from clones they were able to procure from a local industry person.


The heritage and the exclusivity of the Zkittles strain certainly adds an intriguing element to the Dookie Bro’s win.  Regardless of who developed the genetics, the Dookie Bros grew it right: Their Zkittlez is officially the 2016 superstar organic, clean, high quality medicinal product. Look to the Dookie Bros for consultations and farm walks through the Humboldt Brand Cannabis Company in 2017. They’ll also be entering more competitions to bolster their name, and they’ll be cultivating Gelato and other different and cool stuff too. Go big, guys!


Some last Dookie words: “We smoke our weed, so why would we want to poison ourselves and people we care about?” Amen to that.


You can find the Dookie Bros on Facebook, on Instagram: @dookietribe and online:


From the Golden Tarp Awards website (

“The top prize of The Golden Tarp Award, went to producers Dookie Brothers out of Humboldt County for their Zkittlez strain. Their Zkittlez entry’s taste and smell from a dry hit was incredible. The sweet, candy-like flavoring and the uplifting, relaxed effects made this strain the judges top selection. Using a combination [of] organic products and a secret blend of HumTea (compost tea), they grew this winner organically in soil, heat eradicated, no chemical use whatsoever and lots of love. They also provide consulting services for those interested.”


Here is an excerpt from one of the Emerald Cup Judges, posted on the Swami Select website (

“At last, with video cameras all around us, the winners were discovered. Then, as always, came the big moment when Tim Blake went and found the entry forms so we could hear the lucky names and counties, as it is a 100% blind tasting. The winner was a Zkittlez strain from Humboldt. The growers were the Dookie Brothers. These were new names to me, but I was quickly informed that they are the guys who just won the Golden Tarp Award this past October for the same strain. That’s when we felt really justified by our choice. Out of all entries, this one shone – and it wasn’t her first time. She truly was the Belle of the Ball.”

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