We Want This Food: The Impossible Whopper is Coming to Burger King

Hot on the heels of Beyond Meat’s vegan sausage patty launch at Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King is about to drop the Impossible Whopper on all of us like a veggie dream come true.

Not known for their vegan-ness (chicken fries, anyone?), BK brings the meaty fast food to the limit, always stocking bigger patties than competitors. Now the global food chain is looking to expand into the faux meat category, as the company prepares to launch the all-famous Impossible Burger at their chains. 

According to the food fanatics at The Takeout, “In our eyes, this is one of the most highly anticipated fast food items in years. Impossible Foods has a fairly sterling reputation among taste-testers, and, for a chain as large as Burger King to unveil a new genre of protein at all its restaurant is a big deal.”

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Ever try an impossible burger? It’s pretty damn good. @impossible_foods @wrennmgmt

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Associated Press reported that a total of over 7,000 stores will provide the meat substitute to customers around the U.S, starting next week. Having been obsessed with Impossible foods since they were first offered at Momofuku in Chelsea, and only at lunch, The Emerald team is stoked to see so many chances to skip the beef and keep it plant-based, even though burgers will never cease being delicious. 

Now your options are growing, just like with legal cannabis. It looks like plants are going to take over the world. And if global warming has its way, that will happen anyway…may as well embrace it now, topped with pickles, ketchup, onions, and maybe some cheese if you can’t quit the cow just yet. 

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