Humboldt Soccer League


HSL: The Beautiful Game in Arcata

Written by: Eric Stallings

Running full speed down the wing, calling for the cross as the keeper franticly scrambles from one post to the other. Heart racing like a mad stallion, but mind calm as the clearest lake on the clearest night. The ball approaches almost matching stride, as the one place the trembling keeper has no chance at reaching is chosen. The ball meets foot. A beautiful goal in the Humboldt Soccer League (HSL).

For about thirty years now the HSL has been the place for locals 18 and over to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer in a fun and organized fashion. The league is divided into four divisions (open 18+, men 30/37, co-ed 25/30, and senior 49+) with over 200 registered players it is both exciting and competitive. There are two primary seasons during the spring and fall for division play, and a secondary season during the summer with one division for short field play with 7 player teams which makes the pace of play a bit faster for the warmer weather.

In a recent interview with league president Nels Atkinson we discussed the league’s current state and where it is heading in the near future. Atkinson, who started as a player and moved through the volunteer ranks, stated “the mission of the HSL is to provide soccer to those who love it”. The league continues to expand with registration for the summer season opening the week of June 4th; anyone 18 or over is encouraged to grab cleats, shin guards, and $35 for registration and join the fun at!


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