Jimmy Jeff Robinson


Jimmy Jeff Robinson

By Nicholas Preciado

Every Thursday night the locals of Willow Creek flock to the Forks Lounge to witness the late night “Voodoo Child” vibes oozing from Jimmy Jeff’s guitar.
“Music is the most powerful thing I know,” says the 56-year old musician. “You can’t beat the power of music.” Jeff, an eight-year Willow Creek local, first got interested in being a musician by listening to his uncle play keyboards at a young age. He started performing at the age of 16 and he’s continued doing so ever since.
The smoky-voiced, dreaded performer is known county-wide for his renditions of Jimi Hendrix. He covers stan- dards like “Hey Joe” and “The Wind Cries Mary,” in addition to the rock god’s B-sides. Jeff also plays blues, funk and R&B with a group of local musicians as Jimmy Jeff and The Gypsy Band. They do a tribute to Jimi Hendrix every year on November 27th, which happens to be the rock god’s birthday.
In addition to playing at the Forks Lounge every Thursday, Jeff and the band perform gigs at Simon LeGree’s Monday Night Jam, Willow Creek’s Redwood Run, Blue Lake Casino and Bear River Casino.
The local musician has been playing music for a living for the majority of his life. He’s found his home and wife in Wil- low Creek, as well as a loyal fan base. His contribution to the community is uplifting. “[Music] crosses lines, crosses boundaries. It helps you get to know who you are,” Jeff says. 

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