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Usually when Humboldtians talk about wearing layers, they mean a long sleeve tee, a vest and a hoodie.   Because it’s either beautiful or pouring rain or windy or foggy or sunny, or all of them practically at once.

But today I’m writing about a different kind of layer.   The kind that makes any top or dress just a little more special, flirty, or even just a tiny bit naughty.   I’m talking about chiffon, lace, and especially tulle.

I’m thrilled to see an avalanche of layered tulle dresses this year!  And there are tons of choices:  You can have a single layer of tulle on top of your skirt for a little glitz and dimensionality, or 20 layers of tulle underneath for that petticoat look, or even a whole skirt made out of layered tulle for a tutu effect.   Whichever way you go,  your dress or skirt will have that very special, irresistible party dress feel.   Remember when you were five and you just LOVED your party dresses?   We all still long for that feeling no matter how old we get, and I’m pretty sure it’s a good idea to indulge that impulse once in a while.   What better place to wear it than a Christmas party?

Now, there are two ways to get into that cute little dress.   One is to go out and buy one.   If you’ve got five hundred bucks to drop, this gorgeous little basic black number from Wheels & Dollbaby is one you can’t go wrong with.  Black satin with those layers of tulle underneath it really show off your hourglass shape.   Or go the bargain route with this pretty little red and black dress from for only $58, this time with the tulle on top.

Of course, if you’re the crafty type (and aren’t we all in HumCo!?), you can make this happen on your own for even less, using a dress you already have in the closet, or that $5 thrift store find.   Tulle, you see, is a whopping $3 a yard (don’t pay a penny more!), and ribbon is ubiquitous.   Three yards of tulle and 2 of satin ribbon gets you a dress a whole lot like the Windsor dress, all with a simple needle and thread while you’re watching Dancing with the Stars.

Want to go more prom-like?  Just add more tulle!   Of course, you can buy this one from Milly at Neiman Marcus for $1,295.   That’ll save you time.  But if you have more time than money, I’m guessing this skirt is about 15 yards worth of lightweight bridal tulle (for that same $3/yard)  and you’re just a ribbon away from upcycling yourself onto Project Runway.

However you achieve the party dress of your dreams, just GO for it!   There’s nothing like that little-girl-in-a-fancy-dress feeling, and it’s probably been way too long since you felt that way.


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