Cannabis extraction has been done since ancient times. Extraction can be as simple as crushing plant material or using solvents to release oils and terpenes contained within the plant matrix. Extraction evidence in human civilizations dates to the third millenium BC. Some archaeological evidence may suggest that cannabis has been harvested and processed farther back. For example, the plant resin, Hashish, has been mentioned in Middle Eastern history as early as the 12th century CE (Common Era), with Islamic travellers bringing it with them to Egypt. With the growing interest in the medical field for cannabis extracts, we now have various tinctures and oils available for medical and recreational use.

Methods of extraction have evolved according to use, however the goals of extraction have not changed. It is to produce a more potent final product from fresh cannabis. With better equipment, extractors have control of the amount of desired compounds needing to be present, like the amount of CBD (Cannabidiol) or THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Purge Labs started as a project that turned into a successful venture. The start-up included a bit of sacrifice for the group, according to one of its founders, Kris Burke.

“Purge Labs provides certified and commercial-sized extraction machines for the cannabis industry. We met in Trinity County in a neighborhood called the “Pines.” We started the company with a group of four people with an idea and a dream. We had low capital and were sleeping on the floor of a dilapidated house in the West side of Vallejo. Our first order was for 20 five-pound extractors, [then] we kept reinvesting the proceeds until we could roll out what we really had planned, the 30 LB Atlas A-30. From there, we grew the business to what it is today.”

The Complete Maceration Technology they have developed is a patent-pending spinning device that ensures the cannabis plant material is soaked evenly in the solvent. Temperature can also be evenly distributed with the colder extraction capability. This is what sets them apart from the traditional static devices available on the market.

“Our design is a patented rotating material columns that can hold 15 lbs (a-15 Saturn) and 30 lbs (a-30 Atlas) of plant material. This allows for ease of use, less solvent and larger volume capacities. Our largest system, the Magnanimous (a-90), is a continuous feed system and base model can process up to 1,500 lbs of material in a day. We also carry a smaller continuous feed system for smaller batch facilities, the Mini-Magnanimous (a-45),” says Burke.

This is evidence of the company’s commitment to efficiency and quality. The goal is to have better yield with less labor, while not compromising the quality of the final product. Time is of the essence in every production line, which is why Purge Labs designed each equipment for faster processing. Whether you’re starting up in the industry or are a established company, Purge Labs can accommodate the right equipment for your operation.

“Our 15 lb Saturn (a-15) is great for small companies looking to start extracting. For companies looking to processing higher volumes of material, our Magnanimous is perfect. These machines have the capabilities of freezing the material to produce higher-quality yields. Our best-selling system is the 30 LB Atlas (a-30). It has a rotating material column that allows for the maceration/washing of the plant material. This also allows ease of loading and unloading of material, absolute saturation and less solvent use during the process.”

On top of functionality, safety is a major factor in the smoothness of operation. Cannabis-extraction, especially hydrocarbon extraction, deals with flammable solvents. Purge Labs systems run on butane, iso-butane, and propane. Proper care and safety measures must be understood before using a machine. Purge Labs very own team of experts orient customers on their new devices. This includes care, maintenance, compliance, and most importantly how to operate them safely. In fact, Purge Labs has their own training programs. Customers need not worry about the maintenance with the readily available assistance from the company. Every Purge Lab device is certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The standard operating procedure is certified by Pressure Safety Inspectors. Their machines will also go into a Certified Class 1 Division 1 laboratory adhering to the standard for volatile extraction units.

The cannabis industry is a multi-faceted venture, with extraction being the largest growing sector. Purge Labs prides itself on maintaining excellent customer service. Efficiency, reliability and quality are Purge Labs trademarks.

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