Dabblicious Extracts has been making waves in the cannabis industry since Brendan Perry founded the company in 2013. Brendan started out as a budtender at Berkeley Patients Group 18 years ago.

    Brendan reflected, “This was at the beginning of the cannabis industry, and there were only a handful of dispensaries. I had a unique opportunity to really see the industry grow up and mature over almost two decades. After finishing up graduate school in 2009, I saw a shift in the public perception of cannabis and decided to focus my time strictly on cannabis. Over the next three years, I went through a whole different type of schooling. I saw the need to create not only a high-quality product but a brand to make that product stand out.” The result has been a company with a selection of products that would strike the fancy of every cannabis connoisseur or even the occasional customer.

Lemon Banana, Banangie, Clementine. The names sound like your favorite slushies to beat the summer heat. Indeed, a first look at the products will turn you into a kid in a candy shop.

Variety became a key factor for Dabblicious’s success. Brendan followed the model of his own personal experience. “I don’t like to smoke the same thing every day, just like I don’t like to eat the same food every day. Another major contributor to changing the menu is that each cannabis strain has a different effect.”

    One of the newest innovations in cannabis extraction is live resin concentrates. These are made by taking freshly harvested cannabis and freezing it to subcritical temperatures prior to and throughout the extraction process. Dabblicious is a cannabis brand of high-quality live resin. Its foundation is budders and crumbles, but its product line has expanded to include caviars as well as vape cartridges. The company is best known for fruit infusions and a variety of terpy strain combinations. It puts a premium on constant research and innovation.

    Aside from being the company’s founder, Brendan is a hands-on leader who works with the team on every project. He oversees every step, from strain selection through to the final product. In fact, all the blends and flavors found in Dabblicious are created by Brendan himself. The awards that have followed testify to the outpouring of dedication and the great work ethic of everyone in the company.

    Brendan gave us the history. “It started with the four wins at the 2015 Southern California High Times Cannabis Cup. We won two first places, a second place and a third. We introduced the first-ever live resin white budder, which had never been seen in competition. That competition was the turning point when we started to see a shift to all extracts being called live resin. Our commitment to quality has earned us over twenty awards, including a World Cup. These awards helped Dabblicious build a strong following base and a reputation of quality and consistency.”

    Dabblicious is located in Yolo County in Northern California. Yolo is a region best known for its wine, but the cannabis industry is rapidly catching up in the area. The company’s main reasons for locating there are the climate and their employees. Brendan lives the Yolo lifestyle, and the climate is perfect for Dabblicious’s method of using fresh, frozen products as its base. He also prides himself on helming a sharp team of imaginative and intelligent people.  

    Brendan feels blessed to have been part of the growth of the cannabis industry. He has established a network with the best in the business to ensure that harvests contain the highest consistency of terpenes. He also knows the struggle with the regulations, compliance and testing standards. It can be challenging to find quality harvests, and so the company has made a decision to grow most of its products in-house. That way, Dabblicious maintains its commitment to creating the best craft cannabis for customers.

    Dabblicious sees itself as one of the pioneers and innovators in the quest to offer the best products. Brendan concluded: “Dabblicious sees the explosive growth in the cannabis industry and plans to grow our brand with it and continue to innovate and bring new products to market in the next five years. As legalization gets closer to reality, we feel Dabblicious and the concentrate market will grow significantly, and we are planning to capture a large piece of the cannabis concentrate market through creative innovations, collaborations with other growers and/or partnering up with other cannabis corporations.”


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