In 2006, the National Center for Health Statistics estimated that 76.2 million Americans (one in every four) have suffered pain lasting longer than a day. Relief from pain is the most common reason why Americans access the health care system. Pain afflicts more people than heart disease and cancer combined. Chronic pain can lead to long-term disability.

    For Saty Cruz of Kreaky Products, the quest for pain relief started with her grandmother having a mishap that badly damaged her knee. “Our products came about when my grandmother had a bad accident in the local bodega, which led to a knee replacement. It was only eight months later that the device detached in her knee, which led to a second knee surgery and a bunch of scripts for new pills. My grandmother refused a home attendant, so I took on most of the responsibilities. To be honest, I was already an avid consumer, and I was up to date with recent studies on cannabis and its wonderful components, so I decided to infuse my grandmother’s coconut oil with CBD. I wanted to make it easy for her to medicate herself, because a huge part of the opioid addiction. in my opinion, is that it’s too easy to take a pill. The idea is to offer healthier alternatives for people who want to heal their bodies through their natural endocannabiniod systems.”

    That was the start of a New York City-based, woman-powered company that now sells a variety of cannabis products for health and wellness. Saty, better known as Chica among friends and in the cannabis trade, has always had a passion for creating. She considers herself an artist who can cover pretty much anything from video to digital art and can even dish out her own unique brand of humor doing improv comedy. But her journey with cannabis is something she holds especially dear. “My canna journey started when I was given the opportunity to do content creation for the awesome lifestyle brand I Bud You. Working with that company changed my entire life. I had access to High Times Magazine exclusive events. I was allowed to judge strains for a couple cannabis cups, and I even got to work with celebrities.”

    Kreaky Products has a wide selection of nature-nurtured products, including coconut oil, sugar, maple syrup, olive oil, honey, tinctures, beverages and their signature edibles.    “The CBD coconut oil is great!” Chica beamed. “Not only because we make it, but because of its many purposes. It can be a butter alternative for baking or frying your favorite foods. You can use it as a topical and rub it in areas where you feel discomfort or simply take a spoonful in the early day for a nice jumpstart.”

    Kreaky Products’ best-seller, Kreaky Nutcracka Dominican-style punch with 20 mg of pure CBD goodness, is well worth a try. Cannabidiol, the main non-psychoactive component in cannabis, has been making waves in the medical field for a range of remedies from pain relief to the treatment of epilepsy. It can be infused in a variety of cannabis edibles. Chica emphasizes the importance of safety in their merchandise. Happy customers should also mean healthy ones.  

    The Kreaky way is the natural way, Chica explained. “I ensure the safety of our products by making sure I only use quality-tested ingredients. As far as other products, we also sell, CBD-infused lube, facial mist, massage oil, vape carts, flowers and pre-rolls.”

    Being in the cannabis industry also means fighting for the cause every day, in every way you can. Chica actively supports Women Grow, Canna Gather, the Drug Policy Alliance, MMJ Strategy, Cannacultural, I Bud You and NORML. That gives her the opportunity to meet other people with the same passion for cannabis. But Chica derives the most fulfillment from positive customer feedback. That way, she knows she has made another person’s day better.

    “One customer told me that she usually goes to the hospital once a month due to menstrual pains and that the first month she tried my products, she didn’t need to. I literally meet people every week, and I advise them to send me pictures and directly message me about their experience. To know that I am helping people makes me feel so complete. I literally get a rush when my customers give me feedback,” Chica said proudly.

    Kreaky Products has plenty in store. If you have a knack for cooking delicious dishes or breaking out some snacks for friends, the Kreaky Munchies Cookbook will soon be available. Chica is honored to work with an amazing staff and an equally supportive circle of people. Kreaky Products can be contacted through Instagram at or by phone at (646) 670-3868.


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