Browse These Makeup Looks When You’re High


People wear makeup for tons of reasons, whether it’s keeping up with society’s standards or completely rebelling against them. In the spirit of the artistry that drives brush-wielding creatives to make striking looks that inspire, we often find ourselves scrolling through Instagram with a little buzz and falling in love with the work of the uninhibited makeup artist.

Getting high and looking at or applying makeup is no small trend. Even the most ludicrous tutorials involve pricy products, a skilled hand, and a willingness to share it with the larger world.

Whether it’s the signature look of an Internet personality or the experimentation of a celebrity MUA, these are the looks that we can’t stop staring at.

Monique Heart

Monique Heart’s makeup style has always been dramatic and striking, a must-peek when you’re looking for scroll candy.


Aquaria is the winner of 2018 Rupaul’s Drag Race and it’s due in no small part to incredible makeup skills that push the lines of what is wearable.

Lochie Stonehouse

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it’s a polka dot moment!

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The Director of Artistry for TWO big beauty houses–YSL and Giorgio Armani–comes through with this polka dot look.

Office Magazine Beauty

Get your fix of surreal and stunning on the Office Magazine Beauty feed.

Everyday Glamour Tips

Don’t only go for the traditional looks. Everyday Glamour Tips is as funny as can be, a great pit stop after smoking pot.

New Fenty Swatches

Rihanna always and forever, thanks. Her makeup line never lets us down.

Anything RiRi, part 2

Case in point!

Bob the Drag Queen

A Queen for the ages, Bob is as funny as can be, with detailed and awe-inspiring looks to boot.

If this eye candy isn’t enough to keep your attention, the Internet is an absolute treasure trove for unique makeup imagery. Whether you’re seeking inspo or just trying to stimulate your creativity while stoned, this technique won’t let you down.


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