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The Green Lifestyle

The Green Lifestyle More than just Cannabis Ashley Priest Those throughout the cannabis industry are going green in many ways. From natural health alternatives to protecting the environment by favoring renewable energy resources, those in the community advocate for a completely green lifestyle. Here are three ways in which those in cannabis support a greener […]

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Mary’s List

Written by Ashley Priest Those in the cannabis space are no strangers to innovation. Industry-goers are resourceful when it comes to solving problems. Several top cannabis companies started with a problem, in which they used an innovative way to solve it. Mary’s List, winner of the 2018 Boston University Cannabis Startup Competition, was founded by […]

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Coda Signature Edibles

Written by Ashley Priest Cannabis-Infused edibles can vary from bite-to-bite. Not only do they help this writer, and many others, get much needed sleep, but they also help to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. New Frontier Data released a report showing that senior cannabis consumption in the United States had increased by 250 percent between […]

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On-the-Spot Cannabis Concentrates

Written by Ashley Priest Dabs, concentrates, oil, wax, budder and shatter–whatever you prefer to call cannabis extracts, one thing is certain, and that is extracts are where it’s at. Like many other products though, not all cannabis extracts are made the same, nor are they of the same quality. Over the course of the past […]

Virtual Reality 3D Goggles For Watching 360 Degrees 3D 60fps Video. Future of Virtual Reality Concept Photo. Wearing Goggles.

Immersive Cannabis Realities

By Ashley Priest An Interview with Matthew Dula, Founder of The Cannabis Virtual Reality Network Virtual and augmented reality are breaking barriers never before seen in different industries spanning the globe. Being that cannabis is the most significant industry to emerge since the dot-com era, it only makes sense that it would utilize the most innovative […]

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Wilde Kush

Written by Ashley Priest Wilde Kush is a fragrance for all. This unisex cannabis-inspired scent is brought to you buy Wilde Vertigga. Wilde Vertigga is a unisex fashion line producer that bases their ideas on the theories of Oscar Wilde. Their gender-neutral fashion line offers asymmetrical designs developed for “non-conformist rebels who want to approach […]

Bud Bar Joy

Top Shelf Budtending

Written by Ashley Priest Social cannabis consumption is at the forefront of many conversations. These conversations have become more topical recently due to consumers inability to engage publicly. While several states have legalized cannabis for adult use, the stigma still lingers. Many states restrict cannabis use to private residences, which prohibits its consumption at major […]


Much More Than Dirt

ASHLEY PRIEST Cultivating any plant to perfection naturally requires four things: stable genetics, light, water, and soil. The soil, no matter what type of plant, will play a significant role in the plant’s health. This is especially true for cannabis. When it comes to agriculture, remaining innovative is the only thing that allows many to […]

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Making The World A Greener Place

Written by Ashley Priest Cannabis prohibition is coming to an end in many places throughout the world, allowing the doors to open for international trade. Five countries are taking the lead: Israel, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, and Uruguay. The Netherlands Amsterdam has long been known for its cannabis cafés and semilegal cannabis market. What many […]


Bull Run Craft Cannabis

A Story of Love, Friendship, and Some Damn Good Herb Written by Ashley Priest   The story of Bull Run Craft Cannabis started with the friendship between entrepreneur John Plummer, and master craft cannabis grower, Mike Scarborough. On their weekend sailing trips, it became apparent that Scarborough grew some of the dankest bud around. On […]

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