Are legal uncertainties holding back cannabidiol (CBD) in Europe?

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Legal uncertainties face CBD products in Europe

Legal grey areas in Europe may cause problems for manufacturers of personal health products based on cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is not specifically regulated at EU level, which means each country can impose its own laws, a new analysis of the European legal situation from CBD-Intel reveals.

And although it is not generally classed as a narcotic product, it can fall into a grey area – with some health authorities trying to label CBD as a medicine.

There are further legal complications if CBD is mixed with nicotine for vaping, says the CBD-Intel report.

CBD-Intel ( is a new online publication and research resource launched this week, providing comprehensive market and legal analysis as well as a daily news service for the fast-growing CBD industry in Europe and worldwide.

It is published by Tamarind Media, which since 2014 has been the leader in providing executive-level information and insight for the e-cigarette market through its publication and research resource ECigIntelligence.

Like ECigIntelligence, CBD-Intel is based on a paid subscription model and accepts no advertising, guaranteeing its editorial independence.

It will provide unparalleled coverage by drawing on a team of more than 20 legal and market analysts, reporters and editors, with a permanent staff presence in Barcelona, London, Dublin and New York.

Further content will also be provided by correspondents on every continent.

“With ECigIntelligence we have found that a rapidly-developing industry has an urgent need for authoritative, unbiased, in-depth coverage of markets and regulation,” said managing director Tim Phillips.

“We believe that the CBD industry across Europe and the world will benefit from exactly the same approach – reporting and analysis that is intelligent, insightful and independent.”

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the legal extract of the cannabis plant which is becoming widely popular as a personal health product, used for a range of purposes including pain relief and the treatment of anxiety.

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