Atlanta-Based Power Couple Infuses the Industry with Mindfulness and CBD Honey

Written by Rita Thompson


Meet Brandé Elise and Danielle Gray, power couple and co-founders of UNOIA, the Atlanta based CBD honey and agave company on a mission to bring the mindfulness of beautiful thinking to as many people as possible. Hence the name, which stems from the Greek word eunoia—literally meaning, well, beautiful thinking.

“We chose the concept because we wanted to focus on the mindfulness CBD brings rather than just the medical benefits,” Elise and Gray expressed. Balance and serenity are an important part of their brand, they added, “We believe when mental and physical blockages (like anxiety and body pains) are removed, we can enter a state of beautiful thinking where creativity exists.”

Elise, a voice over actor, has always struggled with the side effects that frequent smoking had on her voice, thus sparking the idea for a product for those who want to protect their voice, or simply don’t care to smoke.

“Honey and agave are both already in the homes of millions every day across the world, which makes it a simple integration,” said Elise.  

“Although we love THC, we know that CBD is a great option to those that want to avoid the high,” the pair continued. “Hemp CBD is also legal across the board and with our starting point being in Atlanta, THC Free Hemp CBD is the best step to begin a homegrown brand.”

But the convenient little sticks of happiness and health aren’t the only thing that make UNOIA so unique. Being a Black, LGBT, female-owned company in this industry, not to mention in the South, the duo is on a bigger mission to shape the way people “view women, black women, and LGBT women.” 

“Our goal is to normalize our unique perspective because we face the similar human challenges like acceptance, belonging and love like everyone else,” Elise and Gray expressed. “We just want to show the world that you can be exactly who you are–and if a lane is not there for you, create it yourself.”

As the CBD industry continues to expand at rapid rates, UNOIA hopes to see their products in yoga studios, tattoo shops, supermarkets and more. “We want to be the leading brand in the Southeast and be associated with the legalization in this region of the country.”

If you’re interested in trying any of UNOIA’s products, they recommend using the honey in tea or coffee, drizzled on fruit, pancakes or salmon. As for the agave, toss some in your smoothies or even margarita. To purchase any products or for more information, click here.  

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