Danielle Guercio

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Dose Your Drinks With These CBD Sweeteners

While the jury’s still out on how potent edible CBD can be versus sublingual dosing and other methods, CBD infused [...]

Perfect Preroll: Paradiso Orange Sunset

Orangey strains have been all the rage on the West Coast for some time, and that’s no surprise, considering the [...]


When you look for cannabis medicine, it's not always easy to find something that approaches things with a respect for [...]

Use These Accessories To Upgrade Your Vape

Vape lovers have to contend with the elements a bit less than other cannabis users, and although many products come [...]

Traveling High: How to Keep It Going

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Research Alert: The World Is Ending

As exciting as the growth of the cannabis industry is, the waste it produces is drowning out all progress. For [...]

We Want This Food: Pasta Grannies’ Quick Fix Chickpea Pasta

Anyone who has a nonna who makes pasta, or wishes they did, can appreciate the Pasta Grannies Instagram account. The [...]

Makeup To Look At When You’re High: Gemini Season Looks

We often find ourselves scrolling through Instagram with a little buzz and falling in love with the work of the [...]

What’s the Latest In New York’s Cannabis Legalization Battle?

Every time we hear an update on New York state’s uphill fight to legalize cannabis, it seems to be delayed [...]