Molly Cate

Emerald contributor since July 2015

Kiskanu: Sun-Grown Health in Humboldt

Great quality sun-grown medicine, CBD and THC-rich strains and Herbals blends of many different varieties make Kiskanu Humboldt your one-stop [...]

Hemp Seeds: Sustainable Superfoods for Me and You

The precious oil from hemp seeds and cannabis seeds are a miracle superfood in their own rights. For some of [...]

Happy Fourth, Emerald!

An anniversary is a good time to look back at highlights of the previous year. The delight of writing for [...]

Public People on Pot

“I speak out on this issue, in part, because most Americans cannot, out of fear of losing their jobs or [...]

About Freedom: Musings from an Interview with Ed Rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal is all about freedom; the freedom of speech, of the marketplace, of personal choice. Think about how he [...]

Cannabinated Spanakopita

Fine cuisine in a romantic setting is a classic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can create that special scene [...]


The biggest state’s rights battle since slavery is going on in America right now, and it’s still all about freedom. [...]

Kush Tours

  Anticipating doing some traveling this holiday season and want to know where you can enjoy cannabis culture too? How [...]

My Bust: Barbara Benson

It’s a sad, frightening and all too familiar story. In its 6 months as an Emerald Magazine feature, My Bust [...]