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Root Therapy

Full-Plant Spectrum, Down to the Ground Written by Sharon Letts Michigan resident, 42 year-old Michelle Saye, credits cannabis for saving her life; but she gives the most credit to the roots of the plant for her continued care after a devastating boating accident nearly caused her to lose her leg. “The summer of 2008, I […] (4)

To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates

Craft Chocolates with Heart, and a Little Poetry… Written by Sharon Letts To Whom It May cannabis craft chocolate company is the love child of Tomer Grassiany. His fine, handcrafted chocolates are inspired by art, music, and poetry and muse with the universally familiar phrase “to whom it may” conceived for the customer’s desire for […]

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High-End and Handcrafted

Historically, partaking of a fine cigar that’s hand-rolled with tobacco leaves was considered the height of sophistication. Add cannabis, and the experience is not only more healthful, it adds a new level of refinement to the cannabis industry’s high-end offerings. Handmade by skilled craftspeople, the cigar became a trademark of celebrities and politicians alike. A […]

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City of San Diego Bans Cannabis at all Events

Alcohol is A-OK, but Cannabis is Still Taboo in So Cal By Sharon Letts For the past several years event organizers in the City of San Diego have been successfully conducting cannabis events, without incident; with the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Markets and the San Diego Local Sesh, just two of the most consistent and […]

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Sharing the Jogger’s High

Written by Sharon Letts Trainer Brian Kaho shares that if you smoke cannabis, you are already familiar with a few of the ten breathing techniques he teaches his clients, many of whom use the herb for increased stamina, and to fight off inflammation and subsequent pain. Kaho was late to the table where cannabis was […]

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Cannabis Educator Dr. Regina Nelson arrested in Oklahoma for Possession

Detaining the Messenger The irony of America’s top cannabis educator being detained and booked for carrying her medicine in her home state, on her way to speak at a cannabis educational conference on the eve of that state voting for medical cannabis, is not lost on this writer. While on the road in Oklahoma for […]

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The Plight of the Small Farmer

The Plight of the Small Farmer Persecution in the Face of Legalization Written by Sharon Letts   America was fed by small, ten-acre truck farms. They were local, you knew the farmer, and you knew where your food came from. In many rural areas the truck farmer still exists. While the local food movement began […]


What About the Children?

War, Weed and PTSD in Palestine   Playgrounds for is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to provide areas for play in the devastated region, as the effects of its never-ending war have taken its toll on the children of Palestine. British researcher, Lydia Dimitry, of Imperial College of London, reported in 2011 […]

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Cannabis Holiday Etiquette

Tips and Tricks to Blow Through the Season           Tis the season for bongs, pipes, and dab rigs to be cleaned, packed in pillowcases, and schlepped with all the accoutrements to family and friend’s homes for the holidays. If your partaking plan is to hide away in the basement, or huddle […]

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Sophie’s Dream Team

CURE, Technion and CannaKids Team up for Powerful Progress     While Tracy Ryan’s daughter, Sophie, underwent treatment for brain cancer using cannabis oil with chemotherapy (see Emerald Magazine, Nov. 2017), Tracy said her ultimate goal was to bring together a brain trust of doctors, scientists, and researchers from around the world that could pull […]

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