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Reserve OG

Written By brant hartsell Humboldt County Indoor’s Reserve OG flowers are truly a cannabis connoisseurs dream when it comes to exploring high-quality, hydroponically-grown strains. HCI utilizes absolutely zero pesticides, wastes no water, and is powered completely by renewable resources. This makes them a standout in the industry and leads to a noticeable difference in the […]

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A doTERRA Wellness Advocate’s Story The push for plant-based medicines has many looking for holistic healing, leading many to essential oils. These oils have found their way into households across the U.S. and around the world. DōTERRA is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable brands of oils on the market. I had the chance […]



By Galen Doherty “I grow some of the best cannabis in the world; but how do I reach the public/consumer? At Humboldt High Five, we are distinguishing ourselves from other groups by supporting the community, taking care of the environment, and doing things that stand for “goodness.” The Save Van Arken logo demonstrates that Huckleberry […]

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Purified Green

While it may be hard to believe, indoor air quality is often more toxic than outdoor air quality. This is due in large part to the presence of synthetic materials in furniture, carpets, plastics, and other common household items.  Indoor air contains volatile organic compounds (VOC’S,) allergens and other contaminants. According to a clean air […]

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Reggae on the River

Can the Changing Cannabis Culture Breathe New Life Into the Event and the Community Center Behind It? Reggae on the River’s roots run deep in Northern California. What started in the early 1980s as a rebuilding fundraiser for The Mateel Community Center in Redway, California has become one of the longest running, most well-known reggae […]

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E-Nectar Collector: The D!PPER

At the “Emerald Magazine,” we are blessed to experience a variety of emerging products within the industry. But every so often, one product stands out. The slick packaging drew this writer in for starters. When I tore back the packaging I found the D!PPER to be the MacGyver of E-pens. With easily switched heating elements […]

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The Apothecarium

Healing the Community One Patient at a Time Apothecarium is renowned for their elevated design, which features velvet upholstery, marble counters and prominent crystal chandeliers. In fact, the company’s original location in the Castro was recently named one of the best designed dispensaries in the country by “Architectural Digest.”   The Apothecarium, which opened its […]

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The Buds and the Bees

Cannabis Honey at Home Earlier this year a friend asked me if I would like to join her for a Saturday mead tasting in Southeast Portland. The party — celebrating recently opened Mead Market, the city’s only mead bottle shop and an entirely bee-centric store — was easy to agree to, but not just because […]


A “Likkle” Piece of Paradise

Insights into Jamaica’s Cannabis Friendly Events and Culture   By: Melody Hayhurst For many people, thoughts of Jamaica and ganja go hand-in-hand. As cannabis is a deeply ingrained and often visible part of both Jamaican and Rastafarian cultures, ganja smoking tourists have been drawn to the island for decades. Its vibrant music and culture, beautiful […]


Farms of Trinity Forests

by Patrick Maravelias   While some areas like Humboldt County are reigning kings of cannabis cultivation, other areas like Trinity County are giving growers a run for their money.   Olivia and Scott, the owners of Farms of Trinity Forests, started their company a little more than two years ago, and have since grown to […]

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