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Ron Silver

The Sweet Science of Azuca

They say timing is everything and, for Ron Silver, the time to shake up the edibles market is now. Eric Danville In much the same way as tobacco smoking has declined over the last few years, smoking dried cannabis flower has also fallen out of favor. At the same time (and possibly as a consequence) […]

Gin Flight 1

Getting in the Spirit

The New Wave of Gin By Eric Danville Imagine a plant so versatile that it can be used to treat ailments affecting your skin, heart and immune system. Imagine that it’s also a popular intoxicant, used recreationally for hundreds of years by millions of people around the world. Then imagine a massive, class-based smear campaign […]

pie with strawberry , strawberry tart on a table

Rhubarb Pie!

Ginnie Mathews Who doesn’t feel happy as they take the first bite of their favorite homemade pie? Science has proven that what we eat plays an important role in our emotions. However, a rhubarb strawberry pie recipe is a major eye-opener. In New England where rhubarb practically grows wild, people’s taste buds tend to have […]


Much More Than Dirt

ASHLEY PRIEST Cultivating any plant to perfection naturally requires four things: stable genetics, light, water, and soil. The soil, no matter what type of plant, will play a significant role in the plant’s health. This is especially true for cannabis. When it comes to agriculture, remaining innovative is the only thing that allows many to […]


Treat Yourself

Becoming your own Healer with CBD Soft Gels BRANT HARTSELL I personally have never tried CBD softgels before my experience with Treat Yourself’s beautifully packaged product. When looking at the packaging, I felt as if I was getting ready to dive into a true healing experience. With 25 mg of full-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich capsules derived from […]



BRANT HARTSELL As an individual with an inherent interest in holistic and natural medicines, I was already a huge admirer of beet root powder as an organic stamina and endurance booster since my first experience in community college. However, when I came across Little Flower Colorado Hemp Company’s Turn Up the Beets honey sticks, I […]


Pot Talk: XJ-13

AMY WITT Sometimes I just have to disconnect from the real world and be connected with nature and cannabis. I was having an off day when I decided to roll up a nice joint of by XJ-13. XJ-13 is a lightweight sativa that leaves a strong citrus flavor, and sometimes even earthy hints of berry, […]

Acidic sulphur pools in the Redwoods forest park, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua, New Zealand.

The Emerald Triangle’s Ecosystem

Insights Into the Evolving Cannabis Value Chain Joseph Curtis, PhD The assemblage of artisanal, craft, and heritage farmers across California’s North Coast have championed an integrated set of farming practices. Their artisanal practices combine environmental stewardship with their proficiency in designing sustainable cultivation systems, which enable them to consistently demonstrate cannabis breeding excellence. The Emerald […]


Aloha Humboldt State of Mind

Written by Jason Robo   Aloha, a greeting and a farewell. An appropriate concept for Aloha Humboldt, a family owned-and-operated medical cannabis farm grappling with the increasingly legal cannabis market. Like the pharmaceutical drugs medicinal cannabis threatens to displace, the transition to the compliant market has side effects that include property rehabilitation, going with the […]


Welcome To The Jamrock Reggae Cruise

A Global Gathering on the Caribbean Sea Written by Melody Hayhurst The fourth annual “Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise” departed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on November 13th, 2017 uniting individuals from all over the globe, enticing them with five days of incredible live performances, DJs, and an energetic vibe. Destined for ports in both Ocho […]

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