Cannabis Resin vs Herb, which country consumes what?

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ReportLinker released a new report on cannabis consumption and seizures around the world.

  • Resin vs herb, which country consumes what?

  • In which country do authorities seize the most drugs?

  • Is legalisation a solution against illegal drug traficking?

Key findings reveal that:

Levels and forms of cannabis consumption depend on country and culture:

  • Based on the seizing by authorities of illegal stashes of cannabis,the top countries where it is has been seized in resinous form are Afghanistan, Spain, Pakistan and Morocco,

Spain comes second due to its geographical closeness to Morocco, the world’s second biggest producer of cannabis resin. The substance is transported from Morocco, through Spain, before being dispatched and sold all over Europe


  • The top countries where it has been seized in herbal form are the US, Mexico, Paraguay and India.

  • The top five producing nations of marijuana are the US; Morocco; Afghanistan; Mexico; and Columbia. Canada comes 8th but the potential legalisation would change its position in the ranking, making North America the leading cannabis producing continent.

  • The legalisation for medicinal and personal use has a direct impact on the consumption, making Israel the top consuming country with 27% of the population consuming cannabis, followed by the US (17%); Chile (15.1%); and Canada (14.73%).


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