CannaCraft to Tour with HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project

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CannaCraft, Inc., California’s leading cannabis manufacturer, has partnered with HeadCount, a non-partisan voter engagement organization, on the Cannabis Voter Project, an outreach program aimed at unleashing the power of voters across the nation by educating them on cannabis-related initiatives in their state.

CannaCraft will be joining HeadCount on a tour with the band Lettuce October 2nd -13th setting up activations at concerts to provide information about ballot initiatives and to register voters. The ACLU and Hungry Why? will also be joining the tour.

Fans in attendance will have a chance to review the Cannabis Voter Project’s website – – which offers an easy online voter registration tool as well as state-by-state information on Congressional representatives and their voting track record on cannabis initiatives. “The Cannabis Voter Project empowers people to vote on issues that are important to them.”, said Cannabis Voter Project Director, Sam D’Arcangelo. He added “Legalizing medical and recreational cannabis is something that many Americans feel passionate about and we want to make sure those people are voting and are informed voters.”

Jennifer Glickman, CannaCraft’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program Manager, said “We are excited to join forces with HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project to raise awareness and encourage education around cannabis issues,” adding “In motivating people to register and vote we hope to lend a hand in creating a cannabis industry that is representative of the myriad of voices and viewpoints in our diverse communities not only in California but nationwide.”

Over the next 10 days, CannaCraft and HeadCount will be stopping in the following states MI, IL, OH, NC, SC, NE, MO, AR. Visit for more information on where the group will be and ways to get involved.

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