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A Texans Risk of A Colorado Cannabis Vacation

Article submitted by Chris Hesse, Attorney 112 SW 8th Ave #617, Amarillo, TX 79101 Criminal defense, DUI and DWI, Federal crime, Appeals, Civil rights Colorado is now widely considered the center of what is being called “cannabis tourism.”  When Colorado made legal the recreational use of marijuana in 2014, tourists have been going there to get […]

Dani Burkhart

Emerald Magazine’s Women in Cannabis

  Women have become a driving force in the cannabis industry. As the market continues to expand, so do opportunities for females to break stigma and build equality. Gone are the days of a marginalized, male-dominated cannabis industry, thanks to the women — the pioneers, the advocates, the business owners and the scientists — like these. Forward […]


Mothers Genetics

A Passion for Seeds Takes Root   Mothers Genetics is an all-female run company that aspires to breed, preserve and sell rare cannabis seeds. The company celebrates the spirit and style of the founder’s mother, Angela Girling, a glamorous and rebellious dancer who made waves in the sixties throughout Europe.   “At a time when […]


Green Leaf Warrior

One Woman’s Mission to Tip the Scales of Injustice     Jamie Goswick is a normal person like you and I. Perhaps I should say she is a NORML person like you and I. Jamie is on a mission to help break the negative stigmas and stereotypes associated with cannabis through activism and education. She’s […]

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Forever Flowers Gets Fresh with the Cannabis Community   Forever Flowers is a film project created and directed by Erin Granat, a Nor Cal transplant living in Los Angeles. The movie portrays pot and the public in a realistic light, a standalone from the token stoner comedies or hard hitting crime dramas. Blending elements of Virtual […]

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Chronic Relief

A Guide to Cannabis for the Terminally and Chronically Ill      It was a warm spring day in Austin, Texas three years ago when I was meeting up with Nishi Whitely and Chad Gouge. I sought them out as I began my journey of research on this plant and was thrilled to find her […]


Environment, Community and Cannabis with Emerald Genetics

Emerald Genetics isn’t just a cannabis collective, it’s a “revolutionary solution to major sociological and economic problems [that] many depressed communities face,” explains founder, Matthew Smith-Caggiano. In 2014, Caggiano established the hyper-local medicinal marijuana collective with the intent of creating a unified effort to support the Northern California economy. The company is a collaboration of […]

operation pipe dreams

Today’s Art, Yesterday’s Paraphernalia: Remembering Operation Pipe Dreams

“Jason had no idea his arrest was apart of the nationwide until Tommy Chong, who would become the trophy of the operation, reached out to him.” In 2003, hundreds of businesses and homes were raided across the nation in what was code named “Operation Pipe Dreams.” The operation targeted large-scale pipe and bong distributors. Most […]


PROP 64: To Weed or Not To Weed?

Californians have another opportunity to legalize marijuana on November 8, 2016 with Proposition 64: The California Marijuana Legalization Initiative. If passed, adults over age 21 can purchase, possess and propagate plants for personal use. Recreational marijuana would be available in licensed stores for taxable sale and consumption. The proposition includes specific restrictions and safeguards to […]

Montel Williams

Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition 2016

The Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo brought the biggest heads in the industry together at the annual conference in Los Angeles and the Emerald Magazine was there to catch it. In September the 2106 CWCBExpo came to the Los Angeles Convention Center and with it four days of seminars, expositions and networking all about […]

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