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About Freedom: Musings from an Interview with Ed Rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal is all about freedom; the freedom of speech, of the marketplace, of personal choice. Think about how he must have had to use the much-touted American freedom of speech as a battering ram over the years to get his words in print and on bookshelves. His more than a dozen books on growing […]


Seeds Turn Into Amazing Strains

Seeds come in many forms. I was very fortunate to find many seeds of vast knowledge on this trip around the sun. When you bury seeds, you may think they are gone because you do not see them any longer. Soon though, those seeds will grow. The more of them you bury, the bigger the […]


Cannabis & Pain: Soothing A Soft Society

Knee surgery last fall had me thinking about pain, true tolerance, and why so many Americans are bent on being anesthetized. In a June 2011 report titled “Relieving Pain in America” the Institute of Medicine states 100 million Americans suffer from some kind of pain at a cost of $635 billion a year. As ABC […]

Kerry Reynolds

Adventures in Cannabis Evolution with Rob Clarke

I’ve interviewed quite a number of people who love cannabis, but Rob Clarke was my first cannabis ethnobotanist. Ethnobotany is an interdisciplinary field that examines the ecology of plants and their cultural, social, and economic significance. Despite the austere-sounding title, Clarke struck me as someone who’s great to have at a party: amiable, genuine, and […]

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Philosophy of Passion

Talking Trees Farms As many of you know, here at the Emerald Magazine we often provide our readers with profiles of local, independent businesses in the burgeoning cannabis industry. At times, the highfalutin tone can distract from the core truth of the people we interview. That being: these businesses, though still fringe and shrouded in […]

Online Banking Concept Background as a Abstract


The biggest state’s rights battle since slavery is going on in America right now, and it’s still all about freedom. Four states have legalized and 23 states plus Guam have adopted medical cannabis laws. None of those places have accessible banking services for these legal operations. Imagine leaving work with your weekly or monthly wages […]



Owning a cannabis shop in a non-cannabis friendly state:The story of cannabis activist Tammy Wood and her journey turning Wood Pipes Smoke Shoppe into Wood Pots Smoke Shoppe.   Those who fight to end the prohibition of cannabis are as diverse as the individuals who consume cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes. Among the many well-known activists […]

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