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Guide to CBD

Guide to CBD Cannabis Without the High “CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and anti-anxiety properties without the “high.”   Cannabis contains many compounds, with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) being one of the more popular and well known. However, a new cannabinoid is stepping into the spotlight – CBD (cannabidiol). Where THC provides a psychoactive […]

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Interview with a Grower [series]

“My mom died when I was 5. A car accident on the LA Freeway. It was just my dad and me. He had a good friend up here who he turned to, you know, his whole world upside down. The guy was a big ganja farmer. He took us in and he helped my dad […]


Light Deprivation

Light Deprivation By DJ Hayes | Images by Kym Kemp, Perrl Productions & Victoria Voss  In the grand forum of cannabis cultivation there is a method in the spotlight, or rather it’s only in the spotlight for controlled periods of time. Light deprivation, or light dep, is a relatively new trend that you shouldn’t be […]

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Soilscape Solutions

Soilscape Solutions

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Interview with a Grower

  “We will have to work this carefully,” the grower said as he sat down. His body frame filled the wood chair as the warm summer air breezed by. The big sun hat I wore that day barely kept the late afternoon off my face.   With birds singing and a distant dog barking in […]

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Making Light Of Time

Making Light of Time When to transplant By Connor Callahan | Cover Image by Dakota Rains   Those of you who drive Highway 36, 299 or the 101 on the regular, may have noticed an increase in enclosed trailers on the road, and U-Hauls as well. That’s because it’s the springtime push, and people are […]


Grow With The Pros Product Review: Dr B’s Green Trees Growth

Grow With The Pros Product Review: Dr B’s Green Trees Growth Spring has finally arrived and with it the promise of another fun year working in the garden. So with that in mind we at The Emerald Magazine wanted to review a product that would help all growers, experts and novices alike, to have a […]

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Spring Time Push

Spring Time Push – Connor Callahan – There is an old saying in the growing community, “You can’t come back from a bad start.” As the days get longer and the nights get warmer, marijuana farmers are racing around the hills of the Emerald Triangle laying the groundwork for their season of growing yet another […]


Greatful Harvest

Story by Dave Feral With the pantry packed, firewood stacked, and all projects of fall finally finished it’s time to slow down and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Lyrics from Greg Brown’s song, Canned Goods say it well, “peaches on the shelf, potatoes in the bin, suppers ready everybody come on it, taste a […]


Mycality Mushrooms

Mycality Mushrooms   Healthy Living Through Mushrooms By Stephanie Giles   A bulbous mushroom grows from a block of sawdust, sprouting what looks like a mane of white hair that seems to lay perfectly straight. Yes, it’s a mushroom, but take a bite and you will taste the salty tenderness of lobster. This is a Lions […]

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