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Eco-Printing Humboldt’s Landscape

Eco-Printing Humboldt’s Landscape

Local Textile Artist Innovating Her Craft with Cannabis and Flora ”The cannabis leaf is a ubiquitous symbol of the community and the industry, but its seeming uniformity is a misnomer.” A walk along the Eel River as it moves west past Fortuna, California gives a glimpse of the biodiversity of Humboldt. There are many ways […]

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Rain Grown Cannabis

Rain-grown cannabis represents salmon safe, fish friendly farming, with many other benefits to the watershed and our communities! For plants to grow, air and water need to flow. Soil (and its microbiology) provide a happy medium, and the sun provides photons to power photosynthesis. These elements all come together to form life on earth, the […]

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Philosophy of Passion

Talking Trees Farms As many of you know, here at the Emerald Magazine we often provide our readers with profiles of local, independent businesses in the burgeoning cannabis industry. At times, the highfalutin tone can distract from the core truth of the people we interview. That being: these businesses, though still fringe and shrouded in […]

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  In retrospect, I should have felt alarm. I might have suspected that nothing would ever again be quite the same. But it all began innocently enough. July 30, 2015, after a splendid day tending the weed at five thousand foot elevation in the mountains of Humboldt County, California, a light show began in the […]

Tea and Weed Time

Bud & Breakfast

WEEKEND RETREAT Bud & Breakfast It’s here. Humboldt County’s first Bud & Breakfast. HIGHWAY 36 When a traditional bed & breakfast just doesn’t cut it, visitors will soon have the option to experience a magical getaway in the mountains of Humboldt County’s Highway 36.     While the owner of this soon-to-be Bud & Breakfast wishes […]


Greatful Harvest

Story by Dave Feral With the pantry packed, firewood stacked, and all projects of fall finally finished it’s time to slow down and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Lyrics from Greg Brown’s song, Canned Goods say it well, “peaches on the shelf, potatoes in the bin, suppers ready everybody come on it, taste a […]


Mycality Mushrooms

Mycality Mushrooms   Healthy Living Through Mushrooms By Stephanie Giles   A bulbous mushroom grows from a block of sawdust, sprouting what looks like a mane of white hair that seems to lay perfectly straight. Yes, it’s a mushroom, but take a bite and you will taste the salty tenderness of lobster. This is a Lions […]


Jimmy Jeff Robinson

Jimmy Jeff Robinson By Nicholas Preciado Every Thursday night the locals of Willow Creek flock to the Forks Lounge to witness the late night “Voodoo Child” vibes oozing from Jimmy Jeff’s guitar. “Music is the most powerful thing I know,” says the 56-year old musician. “You can’t beat the power of music.” Jeff, an eight-year Willow Creek […]

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Big Foot Days, Small Town Nights

BIG FOOT DAYS, SMALL TOWN NIGHTS Willow Creek Celebrates Local Folklore on Labor Day Story by Daniel Gelman | Photos Courtesy of Bigfoot Books & Two Rivers Tribune   “The possibility of Big Foot being there is always fascinating.” Although that’s not the reason why Steven Streufert, owner of Big Foot Books in Willow Creek […]


Living Off The Grid with Woven Roots Lead Singer, Travis Barter

            It is often said that the purpose of music is to drive social dialogue. Musicians then, must endeavor to put themselves at the forefront of what is commonly accepted and what isn’t, to find the inspiration and courage to try to open our minds to new ways of thinking. […]

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