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Mindfully High

John Selby’s more than four decades of scientific and spiritual training come together powerfully in his inspiring new work, Mindfully High: Professional Guidance Integrating Marijuana and Mindfulness. John trained as a psychedelic guide during the 1960s under the late, great psychiatrist Dr. Humphry Osmond, the man who coined the term “psychedelic” and taught the importance […]


Lagunitas’ New Cannabis-Infused Beer

One of California’s most popular breweries — Lagunitas Brewing Company — has officially crossed over into the cannabis industry. The brewers at Lagunitas, based in Santa Rosa, partnered with Cannacraft’s AbsoluteXtracts to create both a beer and a vape pen that bring flavors from hops and cannabis together to create whole new experiences. Why terpenes? […]

Humboldt Beverage Company Pot Pairing

Keeping It Local with Humboldt Beverage Company

“Medicinal influences also play a part in the beverage recipes. Some of the drinks will include cannabis, and new recipes with cannabis are constantly in the works.” Local is the name of the game for Humboldt Beverage Company. The Arcata, California, based drink merchant ran by Jess Nelson, Keil Cronin and Jeri Vigil provides an […]

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Humboldt’s Craft Beverage Highlights

Humboldt County gets a lot of tourists coming to Northern California this time of year.  Many come to get away from the heat, while many come to get away from general urban madness.  As I like to tell folks who have never visited the area:  “There’s not a lot of people or traffic, and we […]


Gyppo Ale Mill

  After graphic designer Julie Peacock and carpenter/farmer Josh Monschke had a daughter in 2011, they looked for a way to make money and sustainably contribute to their community. With that ethos in mind, Gyppo Ale Mill was born.   Growing up in Bend, Oregon, Peacock was surrounded by breweries. “It’s kind of a cultural […]


Mad River Brew Review

The Mad Brewers of Mad River Brewery Brewin’ mad brew Nestled by the banks of the Mad River, in the sleepy town of Blue Lake, lies the Mad River Brewery. It is a place where dreams come true. If your dream is a great beer, that is. Feeling like kids with golden tickets, we recently toured […]


Eel River Brew Review

Eel River Brewery: From Organic Barley to World-Class Beer If brewing is a dance, then the girl Owner/Brewer Master Ted Vivatson brought is the prettiest of them all. He was the first in the United States to have a certified organic brewery. In a time when others are using GMO crops and pesticide riddled ingredients, […]


6Rivers Brew Review

Carlos Sanchez: A Man with a Brew     The legend goes something like this: lightning strikes the top of 6 Rivers Brewery. Brewmaster Carlos Sanchez cackles madly, clutching a fistful of roasted habaneros. Chili Pepper Ale is born. Carlos “Los” Sanchez has been at 6 Rivers for the last 11 years, laboring with love, […]


Lost Coast Brew Review

Frenchie & Swarley Review Lost Coast Brewery’s Tasters! Written by Bo Sarvinski There are many crown jewels of Eureka. The waterfront, Humboldt Bay herself, Old Town, the Carson Mansion, the Sequoia Zoo, and of course, the Bayshore Mall. The beauty of community is the way one location can wrap itself around all the senses. Eureka […]

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