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International Investigation Leads to Cannabis Arrest of More Than 40

Smoke and Mirrors: International Investigation Leads to Arrest of More Than 40 Members of Cannabis-Trading App Worldwide   Last month, the Israeli police announced the detention of more than 40 members of the cannabis networking application Telegrass. Arrests–which occurred in the U.S., Germany and Ukraine–came as a result of a year-and-a-half-long international investigation that sought […]

operation pipe dreams

Today’s Art, Yesterday’s Paraphernalia: Remembering Operation Pipe Dreams

“Jason had no idea his arrest was apart of the nationwide until Tommy Chong, who would become the trophy of the operation, reached out to him.” In 2003, hundreds of businesses and homes were raided across the nation in what was code named “Operation Pipe Dreams.” The operation targeted large-scale pipe and bong distributors. Most […]

Another Trip Around the sun

Another Trip Around The Sun

Since 1828, Merriam-Webster has been giving definition to words. August is amongst us, marking the anniversary of the Emerald Magazine. This month is a fitting time for this special occasion. The word August according to Merriam-Webster has a short definition: having a formal and impressive quality, and a long definition: marked by majestic dignity or […]


The Saltwater Cowboy

How cannabis legend Tim McBride and his crew of Saltwater Cowboys managed to smuggle in over 30 million pounds of pot through Florida’s Gulf Coast during the 1980’s. Tim McBride, a.k.a. ‘the Saltwater Cowboy,’ and his crew of Cowboys are responsible for smuggling 30 million pounds of cannabis into the Gulf Coast of Florida during […]

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My Bust: Barbara Benson

It’s a sad, frightening and all too familiar story. In its 6 months as an Emerald Magazine feature, My Bust has often “starred” the Humboldt County Drug Task Force. Victim after victim has spoken of their unprofessional, at times brutal behavior, all staged in their signature black – SUVs, boots, and guns. Well, here we […]

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My Bust

From Organizing America to Operation Chronic Problem, How Cannabis Prohibition Ruins Lives Katree Darriel Saunders is a 30 year old mother, cannabis activist, and an active member of her community. Katree was living in Las Vegas, NV when she was arrested during a DEA sting called Operation Chronic Problem on the charges of: Conspiracy to […]

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My Bust

Counting tips after a show, I think back – gone days – I remember counting stacks of cash in a half- zany-daze. Cleaning grease from my hand, real hard working for the man – I remember peeling resin from fresh harvest hands. What’s it all become; I miss that thousand-watt sun. It’s tough to look […]

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My Bust: Ronzo’s Story…

“It could have been worse,” said Swain’s Flat Outpost Garden Center owner, Ronzo. A local logger for fifteen years, he was mentored by original “back to the land” hippie settlers and has ably paid forward all that guidance, amassing and sharing a wealth of botanical and farming expertise. For 30 years he’s been championing the […]


My Bust – Paradise Ridge

My name is John Matthews. I owned 120 acres of Paradise Ridge and Bear Creek valley in the Whitethorn/ Shelter Cove area of Humboldt Co Ca. I grew weed on my property for my own medical purposes. I have been a consumer of marijuana since the early 1970s. I found that it helped me with my […]

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