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Finding Relief

BY BRANT HARTSELL Papa & Barkley is leading the charge, expanding the growing topicals market with their discrete and highly effective trans-dermal Releaf Patches. A combination of both cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) patches deliver a potent kick I personally have never experienced from just a topical alone. Patches come in four varieties, which vary […]

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Betty Khronic is Raising the Bar Higher

Ever heard of a runner’s high? Betty Khronic’s line of raw, vegan energy bars elevate the approach by delivering cannabis in a near-perfect protein package. “It’s great for pre- and post- workout,” said Katina Morales, owner and creator of Betty Khronic. She sat down for the interview, though seemed just as comfortable running sprints and […]


Highly Devoted

Cannabis connects people—not just socially, but also on a much more personal level. According to anecdotal stories and personal experience, cannabis can increase your sex drive. Studies, such as the one recently conducted by Stanford University, suggest that regular cannabis consumers engage in sexual activities 20 percent more often than those who do not (For […]


Beautiful & Biodynamic Flowers At Full Circle Pharm

Looking for “absolutely GORGEOUS flowers” for Valentine’s Day? Cannabis flowers, that is? Full Circle Pharm in Potter Valley, California has just what you need. That’s according to Eli Melrod, owner of Solful dispensary in Sebastopol where you can buy Full Circle’s Blueberry Muffin, Dragonfruit and KC-36. This gem of a biodynamic farm came through the […]

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Best Buds Bakery

Classy, Clean, Precisely-Dosed Edibles Jonathan started making cannabis-infused cookies in 2013 for his wife, Meghan, a longtime medical patient who treats chronic anxiety with cannabis. After being pushed towards pharmaceuticals by her therapist as a teenager, Meghan sought healthy alternatives that were actually effective. When the couple moved north for Jonathan’s education at Humboldt State […]

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The Green New Deal

JILL STEIN Her Political Perspectives on Cannabis Culture By Brant Hartsell   Former presidential candidate, and Green Party member, Jill Stein, shared a few words about her perspective on the future of the cannabis market and the industry’s culture at the Humboldt County Cup on November 18, 2017 at the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka, […]

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Ventura County Cannabis

Will The Winds Shift?  By Paul Pot Nestled between the daily chaos of Los Angeles and the posh serenity of Santa Barbara lies Ventura County, California, an intentional slow growth county that has changed little since the heydays of surfers and Woodies. Geographically it includes the fertile crescent of the region known as the Oxnard Plain. […]

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Emerald Queen Farms

Hannah Whyte and her husband Riley are the hard-working farmers behind Emerald Queen Farms, an incredibly beautiful cannabis farm located just outside of the bucolic town of Willow Creek, California. This month Emerald Queen Farms (EQF) expects to be fully permitted in Humboldt County. Humboldt was the first county to accept applications for regional cannabis […]

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California Continues to Shape the Industry’s Past, Present and Future

A Tale of Hash-Route Hippies, Cannabis Breeders, and World Travel All eyes are on California as regulations and rules are developed for the cannabis industry of the future. What is learned here, will be applied to the late bloomers of cannabis legalization. States in the Midwest and Southeast will have the chance to see what […]

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Historic California Collective Looks to the Future 

Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana “It takes connecting to heal each other, it takes a village to heal the village, and it takes that village to heal a nation.” – Valerie Corral, WAMM   In 1993, a full three years before Californians voted to approve Prop. 215, which authorized cannabis as medicine in the state, Valerie […]

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