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Quality Control

Northern Emeralds and the Next Era                   Several decades ago, Hunter S. Thompson penned the phrase, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro,” as a highlight of what the uncertain and perilous times ahead would demand of its citizens. Several weeks ago I scheduled an […]


Emerald Grown and Proud

“We are farmers, and proud of it.” How the Emerald Grown Co-operative and a visionary documentary film project are championing the dignity of cannabis farmers in Mendocino County. Emerald Grown Co-operative How can we protect small-scale, sustainably oriented, organic, craft cannabis farmers now that Proposition 64 has passed? For that matter, how can Emerald Triangle […]


The Emerald Exchange: California Green Lit Weed and Farmers are Ready with Open Jars.

The Emerald Exchange hosted its second ganja farmers market at a private ranch in Malibu, California on Nov. 12. Our team left from downtown Los Angeles that Saturday afternoon with our 215 recommendations in hand. Our first mission: fight through the mobs of presidential protests. The 101 freeway was gridlocked in both directions. Cops blocked […]


Southern Humboldt Royal Cannabis

The road twists and turns, winding through a forest of ancient redwoods. We climb out of the forest and ascend switchbacks, eventually cresting atop a golden hill. The landscape opens up and we see the majestic King Range in the distance. Turn left here. Then it’s down a dirt road, up a dirt driveway and […]

good glass humboldt

Artisan Glassblowing with Good Glass Humboldt

A new piece of glass isn’t just the mere acquisition of a new piece to smoke from, it is, without sounding poetic, inviting a new sidekick into your life. It’s a beautiful tool that will be with you for as long as you are able to keep it safe. It will go with you on […]


RAMZ Glass: Another Fine Product from Southern Humboldt

Valuable nuggets aren’t the only similarity between California’s gold and green rushes. Both endeavors brought flocks of people to the northern hills in search of riches. The allure of change and ability to craft brought craftsman to the region. David Rivera, founder of RAMZ Glass, is one of those crafters. He has been creating handmade […]

baked in humboldt

Baked in Humboldt by Rachel Schmidt

“Some people really do rely on having that chocolate at the end of the day,” Schmidt says. “It’s no different than someone who has their beer, cocktail, doobie, whatever.” Gazing across an array of meticulously decorated medical candies produced by Rachel Schmidt, you’d never guess her first food job was in a butcher shop. Her […]

alex grey cannabis art

Q&A With Renowned Visionary Artists Alex and Allyson Grey

Alex Grey’s work, including Sacred Mirrors, and album art for the band Tool’s Lateralus album, among much more, have gathered much acclaim. Allyson’s sculptures and paintings, including Secret Writing, have earned her much success. Individually, their careers have flourished, and jointly, they share success through collaborations such as their long-term exhibition and church, Chapel of […]

Mendocino Collective

Mendocino Generations Collective

Autumn is a time in the Emerald Triangle when artisan ganja farmers delight in the sparkling colors and aromas that emanate from cannabis flowers ripening throughout their gardens. Organic sun grown purists like myself once counted down the days when these fresh buds would at last be ready for toking, since the prior year’s aging […]


PROP 64: To Weed or Not To Weed?

Californians have another opportunity to legalize marijuana on November 8, 2016 with Proposition 64: The California Marijuana Legalization Initiative. If passed, adults over age 21 can purchase, possess and propagate plants for personal use. Recreational marijuana would be available in licensed stores for taxable sale and consumption. The proposition includes specific restrictions and safeguards to […]

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