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Dr. Pepper Hernandez

Go Forth, Go Cannabis

“And even after all the appointments with qualified healthcare professionals, alternative practitioners, biopsies, blood work and negative feedback, I took a breath and settled into my own inner guidance. I began to find a renewed love for the spiritual side of cannabis.” Each of us have some use for the plant, whether it’s juicing, consuming, […]


Cannabis & Pain: Soothing A Soft Society

Knee surgery last fall had me thinking about pain, true tolerance, and why so many Americans are bent on being anesthetized. In a June 2011 report titled “Relieving Pain in America” the Institute of Medicine states 100 million Americans suffer from some kind of pain at a cost of $635 billion a year. As ABC […]

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Calming The Crazy Part II

  Three years ago this stoner turned a corner and became a full-fledged cannabis patient. But it wasn’t an easy transition. My world and body seemingly fell apart in the middle of a failed relationship wrought with infidelity and deceit; with a shoebox full of prescription meds intended to help failing me, as one pill […]

Prescription Medicine Bottles

Calming the Crazy

 Menopause snuck up on me. I was still reveling in the fact my periods were a thing of the past, dreaming of wanton sex on the kitchen counter with no thought of pausing for birth control, when the crying jags began. We never made it to the kitchen counter. My partner was at a complete […]


Finding Our Way Back to the Garden

What is your good medicine? Fragrant herbs beckon to us with health and well-being. When the sun shines we are called to its warmth. We are hydrated by the coolness of water, and comforted and strengthened by the food we eat. The way we move helps our biological systems to function, and if we are […]


Evangelizing Cannabis

Praise the Lord and Pass the Pipe! The past four years, I’ve covered four states and thousands of miles in a state of Divine Intervention, with people suffering from real illness put in front of me like little animals to St. Francis of Assisi. I often feel like Theresa Caputo, “The Long Island Medium” (less […]

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Take Five Leaves and Pray

Cannabis & Cancer: Take Five Leaves and Pray The summer of 2012 a mammogram found a spider-web-like mass in my right breast. Research showed it to be “Lobular Carcinoma,” a mass, not a tumor. In the weeks leading to the first follow-up mammogram and subsequent ultra-sound, I began ingesting raw leaves. By the time the […]

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