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The Saltwater Cowboy

How cannabis legend Tim McBride and his crew of Saltwater Cowboys managed to smuggle in over 30 million pounds of pot through Florida’s Gulf Coast during the 1980’s. Tim McBride, a.k.a. ‘the Saltwater Cowboy,’ and his crew of Cowboys are responsible for smuggling 30 million pounds of cannabis into the Gulf Coast of Florida during […]


So You Wanna Be Legal?

“…only 83 out of an estimated 10,000 growers in Humboldt County have come forward so far.”   While many cities, counties and even the state of California have become increasingly tolerant of cannabis over these past eight years, there is still the elephant in the room — yes, the federal government.    In 2009, then U.S. Attorney […]


A Very Humboldt Week

Humboldt County is naturally beautiful — and the USDA agrees. A recent study listed Humboldt as the second most naturally-beautiful county in the nation. Judging from the redwoods, rivers and mountains, that is unsurprising for the locals. No one will deny that Humboldt is unique. It’s entirely possible to surf at sunrise, summit a mountain […]

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Happy 4-20!

April is here again with another 4/20 celebration just around the corner. These days, there are so many cannabis events happening in our county and all over the nation that it is impossible to attend each and every one.    On February 20th, the 2nd Annual Ganjier Spring Kick-Off in Redway was a huge success.  […]

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Humboldt Integrated Cannabis

Innovative cultivation practices are starting to emerge on the cannabis market. One Humboldt County collective, with the help of the iGrow system, has already begun taking the steps towards running a successful, controlled, hands free operation. Humboldt Integrated Cannabis (HIC), a local cooperative comprised of three team members, is using a model of greenhouse entirely […]


The Farm

Craft Cannabis from a Community with Class Craft cannabis. What is it?    As the founder of Marijuana Writers, I see many trends develop throughout the cannabis community, as well as the entire industry. A chic new fad sweeping through the United States, and even Canada, is a craft industry for cannabis. It’s about quality, […]

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April’s Pot Talk with Emily Hobelmann

THC-Rich Deep Sleep & CBD-Rich Trident    The Humboldt Patient Resource Center (HPRC) in Northern Humboldt County is a stylish and welcoming facility. It’s been a dispensary for about 17 years now, pretty much since the dawn of the dispensary model in California. When I arrived to pick up samples for this edition of Pot […]


The High Life: From the Streets of Seattle

  This is a fun opportunity to announce to all my Humboldt friends that I have officially relocated to the state of Washington. Specifically I am now Seattle based.   The weather is completely bipolar, it’s unreasonably expensive and people are always running everywhere. Instead of the Slug-Bug game we play “How many people are […]


Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis Sativa Vodka

   You may have seen it on international news sources like BuzzFeed, Complex or Mashable, but this Humboldt County original has been a local gem since it’s founding in 2012.    Humboldt Distillery is taking the cannabis community, and the Internet, by storm with the introduction of their newest Cannabis Sativa Vodka. The product, officially […]

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The Casual Cup

Trim Scene Solutions hosted Southern Humboldt’s First Annual Casual Concentrate Cup. With the publics vote, entries in the BHO, CO2 and Solventless Extracts categories were voted upon with one rosin taking the lead.   Southern Humboldt was blessed with a vigorous rainstorm on the day of the first Annual Casual Concentrate Cup, a fresh event […]

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