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The Finish Line

The Finish Line Harvest, first and foremost, is an incredible undertaking. It involves organizing trimmers, keeping detailed records (in some form) and having enough supplies to get many jobs done.   When cutting down the plants’s branches, leave an additional two or three inches of stalk. This should form a “V” like shape easy for hanging. […]

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Growers Gift Guide

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Getting the Royal Treatment

Photography by Christine Ciarcia   Royal Budline is a classy, Northern Humboldt outfit. For the past two years, owners Vanessa and Duke have dedicated themselves to producing the best quality topical salves and sprays using the best quality cannabis and other medicinal plants. Take a look at their websites προδυχτ page and you’ll get a mini-course […]

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Humboldt Harvest Glass Gathering

I caught up with Ginni DeLong for a brief chat on the second day of the Humboldt Harvest Glass Gathering. She and her husband Jared own the Lost Coast Gallery in Trinidad and they produce the annual event, which is held on-site at the gallery. This is their second year throwing this party, glass show […]

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Pot Talk with Emily Hobelmann

We are living in an era of frenzied cannabis branding — people developing ways to market their farms, products and services. But some cannabis farmers intend to stay underground, farming quietly in the hills, moving their product on the market with no fanfare, with no marketing strategies or business plans — just a serious love […]


Incredible Edibles

When her local dispensary couldn’t provide proper dietary edibles, Mariah Crumrine decided to step in and bake them herself. “I make lots of different edible treats for patients with all kinds of different dietary needs,” she said.  “I’m lactose intolerant and my local dispensaries don’t have edibles for patients with different dietary needs, so I […]

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Take Five Leaves and Pray

Cannabis & Cancer: Take Five Leaves and Pray The summer of 2012 a mammogram found a spider-web-like mass in my right breast. Research showed it to be “Lobular Carcinoma,” a mass, not a tumor. In the weeks leading to the first follow-up mammogram and subsequent ultra-sound, I began ingesting raw leaves. By the time the […]

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The Oasis: Austin Leads Texas

  After talking to several people in the state of Texas, I’ve found that there is some confusion when it comes to CBD oil, hemp products, and cannabis products. Many of the people I spoke with say that CBD oil is already available and that anyone can access it in Texas. To a degree, they […]

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The Buzz on Burlington

  The state of Vermont is over 75% forest, making it a true green state. In 1777, French-Canadian explorers named the area “mont vert,” meaning green mountain. It became the 14th state in 1791. Burlington is one of many great places to live and visit in Vermont. The city is located along the Eastern shore […]


East Coast Green Scene

If great people and some of the best craft beers surround you, chances are you might be in Burlington, Vermont. What a great place to be if you are a cannabis consumer as well. With hints of legalization coming in 2016, the market for ancillary services related to the cannabis industry is beginning to boom. […]

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