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The Stonely Planet

The Emerald’s Humor Guide to Trimmigrant Culture Trimmigrants are an interesting and diverse crew who flock here to take part in autumn bounty, lending their own agricultural stylist techniques to a grow operation near you. Whereas once it was damn near exotic to have an Oregonian helping tend the fields, so to speak, now you’re in […]


Evangelizing Cannabis

Praise the Lord and Pass the Pipe! The past four years, I’ve covered four states and thousands of miles in a state of Divine Intervention, with people suffering from real illness put in front of me like little animals to St. Francis of Assisi. I often feel like Theresa Caputo, “The Long Island Medium” (less […]

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Photography by Sharon Letts It was as if the local cafe has been lifted out of Garberville and transported to Rome or Paris. Italian is the language at a table of eight with their large backpacks piled in a corner. Nearby, a young couple converse in French, and several other tables are populated with Spanish-speaking […]

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It’s a simple question. What’s your cannabis business plan? If you don’t have one, that should be your first clue that you probably won’t survive the coming California cannabis legalization. If you’re still going off the old model of growing as much cannabis as you can, where ever you can, and selling it across state […]

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The Finish Line

The Finish Line Harvest, first and foremost, is an incredible undertaking. It involves organizing trimmers, keeping detailed records (in some form) and having enough supplies to get many jobs done.   When cutting down the plants’s branches, leave an additional two or three inches of stalk. This should form a “V” like shape easy for hanging. […]

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Growers Gift Guide

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Getting the Royal Treatment

Photography by Christine Ciarcia   Royal Budline is a classy, Northern Humboldt outfit. For the past two years, owners Vanessa and Duke have dedicated themselves to producing the best quality topical salves and sprays using the best quality cannabis and other medicinal plants. Take a look at their websites προδυχτ page and you’ll get a mini-course […]

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Humboldt Harvest Glass Gathering

I caught up with Ginni DeLong for a brief chat on the second day of the Humboldt Harvest Glass Gathering. She and her husband Jared own the Lost Coast Gallery in Trinidad and they produce the annual event, which is held on-site at the gallery. This is their second year throwing this party, glass show […]

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Pot Talk with Emily Hobelmann

We are living in an era of frenzied cannabis branding — people developing ways to market their farms, products and services. But some cannabis farmers intend to stay underground, farming quietly in the hills, moving their product on the market with no fanfare, with no marketing strategies or business plans — just a serious love […]


Incredible Edibles

When her local dispensary couldn’t provide proper dietary edibles, Mariah Crumrine decided to step in and bake them herself. “I make lots of different edible treats for patients with all kinds of different dietary needs,” she said.  “I’m lactose intolerant and my local dispensaries don’t have edibles for patients with different dietary needs, so I […]

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