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Kathleen Bryson answers your legal questions. Question: In light of the law enforcement raids at Island Mountain, what should a cannabis farmer do (or not do) as they attempt to navigate forward in the industry? Answer: I have spoken to, read Facebook posts of, and seen texts and e-mails from farmers who are, quite rightfully, […]

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Gallegos Goes Green

Gallegos Goes Green By Jami Elring | Bob Doran    For 12 years, Paul Gallegos prosecuted people for breaking the law. Now he advises them on how to be in the marijuana business lawfully.    The former Humboldt County district attorney is going green as an attorney that helps growers legitimize their cannabis business.    […]

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Ask an Attorney

Question: What real difference does it make in court to have your 215 card if you’re apprehended for growing? A: The short legal answer is that having a 215 provides an affirmative defense for your lawyer.  An affirmative defense means, in lay terms, that it does not stop the officers from taking your plants or your […]


Opportunity Found

Opportunity Found   By Oriana Landt   Have you heard of Social Funding? It is known by other names too – crowd funding, peer to peer funding, micro patronage, etc. They are all based on the same concept and have subtle but important differences.   They all give the public the chance to start projects, […]

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Pepsi Blue and the Ferndale Police

Pepsi Blue and the Ferndale Police by Nathan Butler In the summer of 2004, I had perhaps one of the strangest encounters with the police of my life. It began, as so many things to do, with an ending. I was just coming back from Centerville beach with a few of my buddies in my […]


Under the penalty of perjury

Eureka Ca., Mercer-Fraser parking lot- September 2010: I had just left the Co-Op with a tall, half-price VooDoo along with a couple of espresso shots. This meant it was prior to 8:00 A.M. Walking towards Third St. I noticed the Eureka Police Department POP-Unit searching a vehicle. I walked over to the Mercer-Fraser parking lot, […]


The Protestors Play Too Much Soccer…

Another nationwide protest orchestrated by the Commander-in-Chief of the student movement, Camila Vallejo transpired a block from my house.(1) A week after a 10-hour meeting with the President and his Minister of Education, the two opposing sides came to an agreement on nine of the twelve systematic changes proposed by the broad grassroot coalition of […]

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