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High Art 1967-Style

How a Lifelong Love of Cannabis Began with Two Record Albums and Nature’s Artistry This month marks my 50th anniversary enjoying cannabis. To celebrate these landmarks, I’ve gone back in time, hoping to give readers some sense of how far we have come since 1967. Of course, my memories are specific to one place and […]


Emerald in Oakland

Meet Your Farmer By Laura Matise Flow Kana and the International Cannabis Farmer’s Association teamed up to provide an evening of farm-to-table cannabis at the Oakland Cannabis Creative – the nation’s first cannabis space dedicated to community and social consumption. All the proceeds went to support the International Cannabis Farmer’s Association (ICFA) whose mission is […]


Opportunity and Adventures

Opportunity and Adventures in Cannabis with Nikki Romero With the unprecedented growth of the cannabis industry comes unparalleled potential. From gender equality to finance and health and wellness… nothing quite compares to the prosperity the industry offers. Yet, the plant remains highly stigmatized. Nikki Romero is working to combat misconceptions, and deconstruct the polarity surrounding […]


Glassblowing for a Global Audience

From Seattle to Singapore, Dale Chihuly’s magnificent art has graced public buildings, outdoor spaces and botanical gardens around the world. Endlessly innovative, jaw-droppingly beautiful, weird, and often trippy, Chihuly’s work has redefined glass as an artist’s medium that expresses abstract forms and often looks almost alive. Even postcards of his work have a WOW factor. […]


Pretty Pipes

In Buffalo, New York, Angela Vasquez of Pretty Pipes Shoppe creates pipes that are more fantasy than reality. The Etsy shop run by Angela and her boyfriend focus on high quality glass pipes that give an ethereal and whimsical experience to cannabis smoking. The goal, says Angela, is to bring magic into her customer’s lives. Founded in June […]

alex grey cannabis art

Q&A With Renowned Visionary Artists Alex and Allyson Grey

Alex Grey’s work, including Sacred Mirrors, and album art for the band Tool’s Lateralus album, among much more, have gathered much acclaim. Allyson’s sculptures and paintings, including Secret Writing, have earned her much success. Individually, their careers have flourished, and jointly, they share success through collaborations such as their long-term exhibition and church, Chapel of […]

Eco-Printing Humboldt’s Landscape

Eco-Printing Humboldt’s Landscape

Local Textile Artist Innovating Her Craft with Cannabis and Flora ”The cannabis leaf is a ubiquitous symbol of the community and the industry, but its seeming uniformity is a misnomer.” A walk along the Eel River as it moves west past Fortuna, California gives a glimpse of the biodiversity of Humboldt. There are many ways […]

someone joining his hands, painted as the rainbow flag, symbolizing union

The High Life: This is Why we Pride

  Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride celebrations and parades are the heartening demonstrations against bigotry and violence toward LGBT people, declaring equal rights, self love, community and acceptance of sexual diversity. An observance, a rite of passage and a damn good party, a carnival, a Mardi Gras and even a solemn observance of those […]


High Society Apparel

Like the plant itself, cannabis clothing companies are beginning to bud all over the place. From stoner chicks to gentleman stoners, there is something in store for everyone. SOME GIRLS GET HIGH – This New York based clothing line is the sister company to Tree Shurts, an all-American, handmade, underground distributor. Some Girls Get High identify themselves […]


Summer Festival Guide

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