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Leaves of Grass: Arcata’s Grass Band

Leaves of Grass: Arcata’s Grass Band              The music scene of Humboldt County is diverse. We have bluegrass, electronic, reggae, jazz, funk, punk and rock all within our reach. It’s no surprise that bassist Dan Davis, singer/guitarist Mark Morin and percussionist Chris Johnson of Grass Band play the full range […]


Sherae O’Shaughnessy is F#?king Funny

Sherae O’Shaughnessy is F#?king Funny Have you ever wondered how turned on you could get by, “Quiet sex?” Have you ever put off breaking up because of your joint Netflix account? Have you ever laughed about the Salem witch trials? You will. Because it’s funny, people. In case you don’t think so, don’t worry. Sherae O’Shaughnessy and the Ba-Dum-Chh comedy […]


DIY: A Mirror to Marvel at

A Mirror to Marvel at A Do It Yourself Project   Adding a dash of sass to your home just got easier. I created this chic silver mirror with ribbons for close to $20. Adding decorations to your home is a great way to bring in new light and liven’ up the place. I’ll show you […]


Don’t Mess With Kati Texas

Don’t Mess With Kati Texas   She first came to Humboldt, like so many of us, performing a one-woman show about 19th-century anarchist Emma Goldman. Now, she is one of us, praise be to the Glory.   She is Kati Texas: Rutabaga Queen, Artist in Residence at the Ink People, and co-creator of the popular […]

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The sun wasn’t shining as we walked along The limbs of trees hanging down To meet the others on the ground Reaching up, making walls Made by nature, big and tall The rays of sun did shine around On to my guardian angel on the ground Without her, where I’d be I don’t know But […]

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Bella   If you toss a stick She’s on it Lickedly split She won’t run unless you really throw it No pretend No tricking her Eyes always on it In with the stick Splash With a quick chomp of her teeth She’ll always brings it back Unless if it falls beneath a few kicks of her feet With the […]

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Driftwood How long did you live for How many years did it take you to grow To the big ole tree That we now see Half above the river Half below How long ago did you die? Did the ground wash out from under you? Struck by lightning, Insects under your bark Now you are naked Stark Not a […]


Hitting the High Note

Hitting the High Note Music can be a powerful tool. It can heal. It can inspire hope. It can define a nation and a culture. Music can also change the way we are. One such vanguard band of minstrels is Pyrx. From concerts for local college kids in Chico, to performances as far and wide […]


The Wrap on Wire

 The Wrap on Wire   It’s not often people experience a cosmic collision. Urban dictionary describes Cosmic as an out of this world experience. Some Humboldt County residents, like Kellie Roussos, are lucky enough to find themselves experiencing supernatural forces everyday.   “I’ve always loved rocks”, says Kellie, “I don’t know, I guess I’m just […]


For you

For You A poem by Joesph Walter The beauty of today Is not in the suns rays Or the drops of rain Not falling from the sky Then why may you ask To me you see I can now finally see The thoughts I’ve had Converted to ink on paper For no one else to […]

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