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Cosmetics for lip skin care: natural honey scrub with essential oils, lip cream and balms

Cannabinoid-Based Skin Care

Cannabis infused products and research are at the forefront of the industry. Due to the plant’s plentiful health benefits, products containing hemp, CBD, and THC are becoming increasingly popular across all markets, particularly the skin care industry. Cosmetic companies have embraced the many natural benefits of hemp, CBD and THC. Studies have shown these compounds […]

Women practicing yoga at health club

Ganja Yoga

Enhancing Highs with Exercise There are many ways to incorporate cannabis into health and wellness; ganja yoga may be one of the most synergetic trends to hit the industry so far. Combining cannabis and yoga is nothing new. Practicing ganja yoga not only affects spirituality, but the physical body too. Today, more and more people […]



Living As Pain Free As Possible                   Beauty is an inner state that glows through the skin. At any age, anyone can express the inner contentment as outer beauty. That inner serenity is enhanced by good health and comfort in your skin.   Skin is so important […]


Leafy Botanicals

Natural Cannabis-Infused Body Care Products        For people that don’t want to get “high,” using cannabis for medicinal purposes is an issue. However, there are a number of products in the market that cater to those that want relief from the various medicinal properties of cannabis without the stoniness. I’m talking topicals — […]


Grilled Salmon and Walnut Beauty Salad

Jeff’s Grilled Salmon and Walnut Beauty Salad With Citrus Dill Canna-Tzatziki Dressing Chock full of everything you need for beautiful radiant skin, this salad contains; kale and cucumbers, both great sources of vitamin C; Greek yogurt to help smooth your complexion,;olive oil, yellow peppers and pomegranates, which are all packed with polyphenol antioxidants that help to […]

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Flower Power

Humboldt Medicine Series  Humble Flower Co. by Sharon Letts           Like many who come to Humboldt County, California, Humble Flower Co. owner Thea Wayne came for school. Drawn to the redwoods and the beautiful coastline, she was just 17 when she arrived from her hometown of Homer, Alaska seven years ago. […]


Speaking of Wine…

The vernacular of wine is like any other profession or hobby that has its own language.  If you’ve ever sat in on an environmental engineering meeting or tagged along to band rehearsal, the acronyms and clipped technical terms can leave you feeling a bit isolated in the room.   Below are some common terms that […]


Honey Bee Buzzed

Humboldt Medicine Boston native, Ellen Markham, split her time between Portland, Oregon and Humboldt County in Northern California, before calling Humboldt home.   “Humboldt is where I feel the most at home,” she said from her home overlooking the ocean in Northern Humboldt. “I want to grow my business here.”   Like many medicine makers […]

Flowers on Flowers_@wesleythecreator (1)

Flowers on Flowers

Cannabis is Classy Flowers on Flowers is a San Diego based company taking floral arrangements to new highs. Leslie Monroy, creator, founder and CEO, describes Flowers on Flowers: “It’s a collective creative florist group. I love showing off other people’s designs and abilities.” And sharing the love. Proceeds go to two charities currently, and Monroy […]

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Two San Francisco Visionaries

Auntie Dolores and Brownie Mary Bring Healing Remedies   Julianna Carella has had two passions since she was very young, health freedom and owning her own business. These have united beautifully as Auntie Dolores, home of delicious, health-oriented medical cannabis foods.   To Julianna, health freedom means “the right to choose how we heal our […]

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