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Restore Jalapeño Mule

Enjoy the last remnants of a golden summer with La Vida Verde’s Restore Jalapeño Mule. La Vida Verde, makers of NorCal’s most popular organic cannabis infused tinctures, introduces a new cocktail to elevate your mood. The Restore Jalapeño Mule mixes fresh ingredients with one milliliter (=10 mg THC) of La Vida Verde’s Restore Tincture. The vegan, gluten-free, […]

Ron Silver

The Sweet Science of Azuca

They say timing is everything and, for Ron Silver, the time to shake up the edibles market is now. Eric Danville In much the same way as tobacco smoking has declined over the last few years, smoking dried cannabis flower has also fallen out of favor. At the same time (and possibly as a consequence) […]

Gin Flight 1

Getting in the Spirit

The New Wave of Gin By Eric Danville Imagine a plant so versatile that it can be used to treat ailments affecting your skin, heart and immune system. Imagine that it’s also a popular intoxicant, used recreationally for hundreds of years by millions of people around the world. Then imagine a massive, class-based smear campaign […]

Watermelon shooters

Spicy Watermelon Shooters

Recipe Makes eight 1 oz shooters   At the apex of summer refreshment, fluorescent booze-spiked slushies shimmer like a vacancy sign on an empty highway. To keep sugar and alcohol levels at a happy medium, we zipped these refreshing watermelon margaritas in the blender with nothing more than watermelon, ice, lime juice and tequila. A hint […]



Counting Calories During a Wine Tasting Weekend   CHEAT DAY Though living in a major city has its rewards and benefits, a trip out of town to Napa County, California is a treat.  As a lover of all things sweet, it was hard to resist this tempting offer. And when you’re on a diet, everything […]

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The Pink Herb

Makes Two Cocktails Ingredients: 4 ounces grapefruit juice 4 ounces Lillet 2 ounces gin 1 dropper Humboldt Apothecary’s Calm Tincture Edible flower blossoms* (optional) With the sunshine pouring into my kitchen lately, I suspect it’s going to be a short winter. As someone who respects science and logic, I fear that climate change is largely […]

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Hayes Daze

  ANINA 482 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA  – M-F 2pm-2am – Sat-Sun 12pm-2am Anina is truly unlike any other spot in Hayes Valley. Graphic tiles line the bar, and soft hues of red fill the walls with oversized florals. The atmosphere is light and festive, while the layout is breezy with both indoor and outdoor seating […]


The Bittersweet Valentine

… to Fortify Your Heart There’s hardly a soul old enough to mix a drink who hasn’t had their heart broken. When you’re in it, you are IN IT. The misery of being human can be painfully sharp when love fades. In the best of scenarios, a supportive network and the blessing of time will […]


Sugar Lounge

  THE RICHMOND GIMLET, is a combination of gin and St-Germain with a dash of mint, rimmed with lime, and polished off by champagne. This drink comes highly recommended by the bartender, “If you like [sparkling] wine, especially Brut, get this cocktail.” At first sip the flavor of mint strongly surfaces. As the other flavors […]


Americanna State of Mind

Holidays are always culturally and politically divisive. What’s a happy childhood memory of Christmas morning for some is a source of social ostracism for others. Though the Fourth of July doesn’t marginalize Americans along religious denominations, it can be difficult to rally behind the meaning of Independence Day in the U.S. But most years, we […]

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